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My daughter arrives at FRA from Chicago on United at a gate (unknown) at Terminal Z. I arrive an hour later from Denver on United at Gate 58Z. Where is a good place for us to plan to meet?
Z is a concourse, not a Terminal. You both arrive in Terminal 1. You have to meet her at the exit of the non-schengen baggage claim in Terminal 1. Alternatively you could meet in the train station if you're going to take a train somewhere or meet in the Skyline tram station.

on June 27.around 16.00 O'clock I found a diamond earring by gate 42-45 in front of a snackbar. I was boarding to Toronto. If anyone ask fora lost earring please contact me at the above e-mail address or Phone Nr 905 830 1860.I live in Canada
I'll be flying on Aegean from Athens with a airline flight change in FRA, it is showing 1 hour layover....doable? I have one itinerary #, and both Aegean and Delta have separate confirmation numbers.
You'll have to go through Schengen exit passport control and change terminals. That is a very difficult connection.
I am flying into Frankfurt from Toronto on Air Canada, and then catching a connecting flight to Tel Aviv on LuftHansa.

Will I need to go through immigration or security again? Will I need to pick up my bags and re-check them?

I have never taken a connecting flight before, so I am just wondering about the procedure, and where to go.

Thank you,
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There may be special Israeli security at the gate, but that's it.
hi , I am flying from istanbul to Guatemala ....My first transit is ISTANBUL - FRANKFURT INT. with Lufthansa ..Have 2 hours of stop over than I fly with Condor airlines to Santo Domingo .... Do i have to pick up my luggages and check in again ? Thank you in advance
I fly from Seattle into Frankfurt and then fly on to Bremen. My bag that was checked in at Seattle has Bremen as it's destination. Do I have to go through customs in Frankfurt?
I have a connection from Frankfurt to Tehran on 11 AUG ,I just want to know normally which gate to use for it and which Lufthansa Lounge is close to that gate .other question is I have gold star card from Star Alliance so which lounge can I use .
thank you
Hi, I am arriving on Frankfrt airport on 2 july from mumbai to Frankfurt at 8.00 and than I have connecting flight DE2164 for MontegoBay at 11.30.Is this enough time and what are the formailties I will have to do between arrival and again departing for Montego Bay.
Do you have checked bags? Are your tickets on the same reservation? If you are an Indian citizen you will need a Schengen Airport Transit visa if both tickets are on the same reservation and if you have two separate reservations and checked bags, you will need a full Schengen transit visa issued by Germany.
i am a citizen of Nigeria flying through FRANKFURT from Barbados to Nigeria.. I would be staying 5 hours in the international transit area.. Do i require a transit visa for this route?? because it was stated online that transiting through frankfurt and not leaving the international area doesn`t require a transit visa..
Arriving on 4th Sep. from Ullaanbaatar, Mongolia on MIAT Mongolian airlines, don't know which terminal. For passport control , is there EU and Non EU passport controls? Or all passengers have to go through one passport control since the flight originates from non EU country. I'm an EU passport holder.
There is an EU line. You will arrive in Terminal 2