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Not sure which terminal or gate I will be arriving at, but where do I go to buy a train ticket to Heidelberg? Where do I go to catch the train?
You go to the train station, which is clearly marked by pictures of a train and is also signs that say Fernbahnhof/Long Distance Trains.
Can a taxi or shuttle pick us up outside of Concourse E? Will be arriving on WOW.
Arrive Ryan Air 7 Oct What terminal.?
How do we get to train station for Ramstein?
I am arriving on a united flight from Newark, NJ at 9:20AM. I would like to catch the 10:43AM train to Munster at the airport. Will this be enough time between landing and catching train. Thank you Jerry
I think that would barely be enough time if you have checked bags.
Would you recommend the 11:09AM or the 11:55AM train? Thank you Jerry
Either is probably doable, but the 11:55 would obviously be a safer bet.
We will be staying at a hotel in Frankfurt and will take the Lufthansa Bus to get to Strasbourg. Can we go directly to terminal 1 with our luggage to catch the bus or do we have check our luggage somewhere else first? We already have our reservations. Thanks.
We are flying from Boston to Frankfurt on WOW airlines, arriving at 11:50 on a Monday. Is 2.5 hours enough time to collect bags, go through customs/passport control, and reach the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to catch a 14:21 train to Munich? Thank you so much for your help!
It should be if the WOW flight is on-time.
I am arriving in Frankfort at 11:10AM. Have a train to catch to Leipzig from Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf at 14:10AM. Is this plenty amount time? Is the train statin in the Airport?. Should I first catch a train from the airport to the central station and then proceed with my onward journey to Leipzig?.
Yes, that is plenty of time. Yes, the Flughafen station is in the airport (that's what Flughafen means)
We will arrive in Frankfurt on Iceland Air at 12:50 (terminal 2) and are booked on an ICE train to Cologne for 14:17. We do not have any checked baggage. Will this be enough time to get on the train (1:27 hours)?
You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am a Canadian, arriving on Flight AC844, Terminal 1 at 1055 HRS on July 9. 11 hours layover. I have booked Park Inn Radisson hotel.
My next flight is also from Terminal 1, LH9694 to Addis Ababa leaving at 22:05. What time should I be at the airport?

If I choose to go to either Luxx Lounge (Land side) or Sky Lounge (Terminal 2 -- air side), which would you suggest.

My checked baggage would have been checked right through to my destination -- Kilimanjaro (JRO)

Be at the airport by at least 1930.