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FRA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We arrive at FRA on flight LH0493 from Vancouver at 0805 on March 14 2019. We are due to fly out to Dublin on LH0978 at 10.55 same day. How much time do we have to go between gates, check in, etc.?
How long does it take to walk from B23A gate to C14 gate in the FRA airport. My layover is 1hr 20 minutes.
Flying from the US to Frankfurt (via IST), landing at 10pm. Canadian citizen. I have a flight the next morning at 6 am to Munich. Recommend overnight stay at the airport after immigration or nearby hotels?
We are flying from Toronto to Frankfurt and need to catch a connection to Torino, Italy. Where do we do that?
I an elderly person of 85 years travelling in one ticket from Newark, US to Chennai, India transiting at FRA. I arrive at Gate A-25 and depart from gate C -16. What will be the walking distance between these two gates and normal time to cover the same. Are both the gates in the same floors? Have hardly 70 minutes to catch the departing flight. Is there quicker ways to reach the departing Gate? Thanks for a reply.
If I am coming from Florence, connecting in FRA, on my way to Prague is 50 minutes enough time? Help!
We are flying Stuttgart to Frankfurt then on to Chicago, Will we have to go through security in both Stuttgart and Frankfurt?
No you won’t. And Stuttgart to Frankfurt might be a train. Lufthansa operates a high speed train between Stuttgart and Frankfurt as the distance is so short.
If it’s a plane then no worries, you’ll do security at Stuttgart and then just walk to the gate for the FRA flight.
Will be arriving from Chicago on United 907 flight, which terminal will that be at FRA and where do I go to meet my ground transfer (limo service?
Arrive LH577 at 5:30 am Terminal 1 on 21 Aug.
What gate for Terminal 1 LH6004 to Split on 21 Aug.
Any need for Sky train? What foot path?
I fly into Frankfurt on Lufthansa terminal one and connect to air nostrum terminal one with a 1 hr layover. how do I find this connecting flight and will I make it there in the time allotted?