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I fly into Frankfurt on Lufthansa terminal one and connect to air nostrum terminal one with a 1 hr layover. how do I find this connecting flight and will I make it there in the time allotted?
Can I still use the tunnel between pier B to Pier A in terminal 1 coming from non-Schengen country (Croatia) to Schengen destination (Rome) with US passport.
I arrive on Air Canada #844 and transfer to Lufthansa flight to Neuremberg. What is the distance between gates?
Zurich to Glasgow via Frankfurt, non EU passport; is it enough for the 1h connection? Any need for custom/ security check?
My parents (almost 60+yrs) are travelling from Pune (India) to FRA and then from FRA to Detroit (USA). They will reach FRA at 08:45 and connecting flight from FRA to Detroit is at 10:00. Please help me with following doubts:
1) Is the layover sufficient for them?
2) Will Connecting flight be on same terminal? Customer care does not have this information :(
3) Is security check required for Lufthansa's connecting flight?
4) Should I book wheelchair option so that they get help to correctly board the other connecting flight?

Thanks in advance!
Arriving from NAP making connection to SAN on 27 May. Time to make connection is 50 minutes. Is this possible?
I am US citizen. I am flying from Houston by Lufthansa Airline LU441 to Frankfurt, then I have to change my plane (to LU1490) to fly to Ukraine (Kiev is my destination). This is one trip, one airline, but I have short time of transferring - 1 hour 20 minutes. Is that time would be enough to go from gates to gates? (looks like I suppose to be in the same Terminal 1). Should I go through the customs? How long it usually takes? Thank you.
I will arrive condor international flight from PDX at 1:30pm. Have connecting Adria airlines flight at 3:40pm terminal 1. Will I have time? First go through customs? What walking route?
we will be arriving on Condor airlines and transferring to Lufthansa, how far will we need to walk.
i just arrive from HKG on LH0797, need to make a connection for LH 0952 to Birmingham, UK. please advice