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Flying on Lufthansa from Houston to Frankfurt then Rome with 2 hours to change planes in Frankfurt. Is this enough time? Do I have to go through immigration in Frankfurt and in Rome?
We have one hour to change from Z gate to A gate. Will we have to go through any passport control or security? How long will it take? We are coming in from Atlanta and changing to plane going to Nice.
Yes, you will go through Schengen Entry passport control at the entrance to the Schengen concourse.
Do you think one hour is enough time?
It's barely enough time.
Flying from Washington Dulles to Bahrain with an 1 hour 20 minute connection in Frankfurt. Flights are on United and United/Lufthansa. Is this enough time and do I need to clear Security and immigration? US citizen..
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
I will travel DEl-FRA-PHL on LH coming week. The craft lands on Z concourse gates and there's a six hour layover before the next FRA-PHL leg. I was hoping to move around the concourses of the non-schengen area (essentially B). From the map it seems there's a security control point in Z concourse. I'm on Indian passport with only US visa. Does this imply I'd be restricted to Z concourse (i.e. sit at the gates) or can i move around a bit? The entire reservation is one PNR.
Anyone? Local Lufthansa call center staff are clueless. I read in another forum that using skytrain is possible between B and Z. Is that passport dependent ? i.e. the clean countries get through while others don't? I just need to know what to expect - might load the phone with more movies in that case 😉
Flight details:
Arriving Frankfurt 22/01/18 08:25 from Ljubljana on flight JP116
Departing Frankfurt 22/01/18 09:35 to Punta Cana on flight DE2226
Both, wife and me, are senior person with some walking difficulties.
- is 70 min enough for transfer,
-could you give details of the path please.
Thanks in advance
are both flights on the same reservation or is it two separate reservations?
both flights are on same reservation
My son will be flying from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt on united airlines and departs to Seattle on United Airlines with only a 45 min transit time

both flights are arriving and departing from terminal 1 and I believe he will be arriving terminal 1 gate (I believe A or B) and departure from terminal 1 gate Z

Will he have to go through passport control in Frankfurt? and security check?

is 45 min sufficient time to transfer from
There will be no passport control since he is not entering the Schengen Area. That is still a very difficult connection.
Will a 1 hour 10 min layover be enough time to connect between a flight from Spain to the States? Also, will I have to go through customs in FRA? I’m flying Lufthansa all on one reservation and will have both checked and carry on luggage. I’m a Grandma (though spry) and do not speak German. Thanks!
Yes, that should be enough time. In Frankfurt you will go through Schengen Exit Passport control, it's a very brief process.
Will arrive on Croatia Air at Frankfurt Airport at 9:30 am at a gate in Pier A. Depart on LH at 11am from a gate in Pier Z. Given Pier Z is above Pier A, How dow I get from Pier A to Pier Z. Is there a security check? Approximate how long will it take? Thank you.
Just follow the signs to your departure gate. I believe coming from Croatia there is no security check. However, I don't know where you're flying TO so I can't definitively answer your question without knowing that.
What is flying "TO"?
Think I got it. NY,NY.
Then you will have to go through US Security questions.
Hi just noticed my layover time is only 1.5 hrs flight from air canada from calgary (canada) always arriving late at frankfurt. we surly land at b gate (b40 or somewhere but for sure B) area and surely have to go C gate (may be c 16 or c 17) to take lufthansa. what are chances if i have 25 mins to transfer and reach this location? secondly do we need to go thru passport control and security again?Thanks
You do not have to go through passport control or security.
thank you so much for reply.
thank you so much for reply.
from Dominican Republic to Frankfurt from 2235 Cóndor, Frankfurt to Warsaw Poland lot 384 what is the procedure to make this connection, my passport is American I do not need a visa to enter Germany
If it's two separate reservations and you have checked bags you will go through Schengen Entry passport control, claim your bags, re-check them with LOT, then go through security and to your departure gate. If it's all one reservation then you just have to go through Schengen Entry passport control and to your departure gate.
thank you very much, it's all a reservation