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I have a shortish connection time in FRA and appreciate an idea of the typical process based on my expected gates...

I'll be arriving from the UK. It looks like the arrival gate is usually around Z20 at FRA, and the departure gate (to Canada) is usually around Gate B40. So all in Terminal 1.

I was expecting to wait in line for security (1x) between these gates, and not have to do customs or passport control... Do you know if that assumption is right or will there be 2 security checks to go through (and/or passport control)? Should I expect to wait in line for passport control if coming from the UK and heading on to Canada - or just security between gates? Thanks in advance.
Oh I should note that my bags will be checked through. I'm flying all star alliance.
I'm connecting in FRA from LIS arriving from LIS at Gate A38 and departing from Gate C11 to SFO.
Do I need to go out and back through security? How long should I expect the transfer time to take on a Sunday afternoon?
Traveling to the US from Prague with the connecting flight in Frankfurt. Is 1 hour 30 minutes enough time?
Flying to Tampa from Frankfurt on Lufthansa FLT# 482 have 2h50m layover. Do I have to change Terminals?
You didn't say where you are flying into Frankfurt from and on what airline.
We are flying in from Rome Lufthansa Flight # 247 arriving at 10:50 am.
We are on a LH flight from Spain to FRA on one ticket with LH, connecting to an AC flight to Toronto on separate ticket. Will we be able to check our baggage in Spain right thru to Toronto? We have 1.5 hours connection time in FRA. Thanks!
If you show your AC reservation to the LH check in agent in Spain you should be able to get your bags checked through to Canada.
Hello, I am arriving from London by ryanair and leaving by ryanair to Corfu. We have 1hr 35min. Is it enough please??? Only hand lagguages.
Yes, that should be enough time.
I'm arriving from the US at Z58 and need to fly on to Istanbul from B55. I heard there is two ways to go, allegedly avoiding security by going thru passport control twice!?
I have a flight on United with a transfer in Frankfort on to Edinburgh with an hour and 20 minute time frame to transfer. Is this enough time and will I need to go through customs?
I am landing at Concourse Z in Terminal 1 and my connecting flight is from Concourse C in Terminal 1. I have 1 hour 20 minutes layover. Is it enough time to travel from concourse Z to C. What is best way?

Where are you flying from and to? Just follow the signs once you're in the terminal.
I am traveling to Delhi from JFK (NY) with the connection in Frankfurt. I have 1 hour and 20 minutes layover. Is 1 hour 20 minutes is enough to catch the connecting flight? Please let me know how I can expedite it. I believe my flight from JFK is arriving at Terminal and connecting flight is also leaving from Terminal 1. Thanks.
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.