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Lufthansa has an 8:45 am flight from Berlin to Chicago with a 50 minute layover in FRA. My thought is that they shouldn't offer this if that's too short a time. Wondering if that's cutting it too close. Not sure what happens if I miss that connection...
That's enough time. If you miss your connection, United and Lufthansa have later flight to Chicago.
Arriving at Terminal #1 and leaving on flight #LH1396 to Prague on September 8, what gate is assigned for that flight?
We are flying from Naples, Italy to Philadelphia via Lufthansa with a tight connection ( 65 minutes) in Frankfurt. Is that enough time. Are domestic arrivals a different terminal than international departures? Do we need to clear customs and immigration and security if our luggage is cleared to Philadelphia or do we need to claim luggage in Frankfort and renter. Thank you
I am coming from newyark to layover time is 1.30 hrs it is enough
to go to T1 main to C 16
On September 28, 2017 I'll be traveling from Vienna to Frankfurt (Flight 6385, time-8:10am-9:40am) My connecting flight from Frankfurt to Miami (Flight 462 is at 10:45, The lay over time is 1 hour 5min. What terminals are those flights at? Will this time be enough ?
Do I have to go through customs in Frankfurt, and will I be changing terminals ? Flying from Austin Texas to Zurich

I would like to ask you if it is possible to catch the connection flight from Frankfurt do Newark. The flight form Vienna to Frankfurt comes at 12.35 and flight from Frankfurt to Newark is at 3.20, so I have 45 minutes. Both flights are Lufthansa, I am already checked. Thanks

is 55 min enough when travelling from Stockholm, change flights in Frankfurt to go to Dallas. Travelling one adult and one 5 year old.

arriving from Orlando,FL going to Budapest - What terminal/gate does the Budapest flight leave from? Do we need to get transportation to the gate?
What airlines are you flying?
Lufthansa get in at B23A have to to go A11 - anyone know how long that takes?
Also - have you heard of a Secure Walkway between Pier B and Pier A?
I have a flight with Lufthansa from Frankfurt(Germany) to Boston(USA) in some days, but I cannot find any info about the terminal I have to go for International flights. Does anyone know if the terminal for international flights is different? Or just I have to find the Gate?

thank you
All Lufthansa flights use Terminal 1.