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I am flying into from New York to Frankfurt Terminal 1 via SIngapore Airlines to connect to Munich via Lufthansa also at Terminal 1. Do I need to clear immigration at Frankfurt? Thanks
Yes, since you are entering the Schengen Area in Frankfurt you will go through Schengen Entry passport control there.
Thank you for your reply. For luggage, can it be cleared from New York directly to Munich?
Do I hv to clear luggage / bags since arriving Frankfurt is by SIngapore Airlines and departing Frankfurt to Munich is by Lufthansa? Connection time is 1.5 hours. Thanks.
I have a flight to Detroit (USA) from New Delhi in Lufthansa airlines. It has a layover in Frankfurt of 2.5 hours. I am travelling on a international flight for the first time. Kindly let me know what is the best thing to do on Frankfurt airport in those 2.5 hours? And also please let me know if anyone knows about the transfer procedures as I have the same airline going to Detroit after the layover.
In Frankfurt you just go through security and to your departure gate.
flying from Porto, Portugal to FRA on LH arrive at 345pm and then transfer to United to San Francisco as 5:25pm. This is only 1:40hour this enough?
Yes, that should be plenty of time.
I will be flying LH business class from Los Angeles (LAX) to Milan (MXP) with 1 hour connection (Flights LH457 – LH252). Seating in the front of the aircraft (3 rows from the exit), is it doable? What should I expect for checks? Is the “gate to gate” service recommended?
Yes, that should be possible. You just have to go through Schengen Entry Passport Control and to your departure gate.
Many thanks for the response! Truly appreciated!
In addition to Passport Control, would I have to go through security check at any point at Frankfurt?
Once again, many thanks for your help!
I will be traveling from CUBA to FRANKFURT then onto Singapore with Singapore airlines

I will have only had luggage will I be able to connect in transit without going through immigration

as the german embassy say i will not need a transit visa if I can do this as i hold a Cuban passport but if i have to go through migration I will need one

Thank you
Since Condor and Singapore Airlines both use Terminal 1, you should be able to do this without having to go through Immigration as long as your bags are checked through to Singapore or you have no checked bags.
I am travelling from Bangalore India to Lisbon via Frankfurt with 3 hrs layover. Bangalore Frankfurt is by Lufthansa and Frankfurt to Lisbon by TAP. Check in baggage direct to Lisbon. Wish to know:-
1. is transit time sufficient?
2. Will immigration be at Frankfurt?.
3.Will I have to collect check in luggage at Frankfurt for custom??
Some guidance to reach TAP depoarture
Yes, you have enough time. Yes, you will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control in Frankfurt. You will not claim your bags in Frankfurt.
Flying from SFO to Frankfort to deusseldorf to Prague. Do I stay airside the whole way and clear customs in Prague?
In Frankfurt you will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control.
Have one hour between flights is it going to be enough? Have to move from A to B?
Where are you flying from and to?
I am arriving in Terminal 1 from Lufthansa and I have to pick up my luggage and go to Terminal 2 to catch an Air France flight. I have 2 hours in between the flights. Is that enough ?
What should I do to go from Terminal 1 to 2 ?

Many Thanks in advance !
You have to take the shuttle bus between terminals. 2 Hours will be very difficult.
Do I have to clear security again if connecting from Terminal 1 to 2
That depends on your transfer.
It is not a connecting flight but 2 different airlines I have 1hr and 45minutes to connect no baggage.