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My 20 year old daughter (who has a torn meniscus and is on crutches) will be leaving Dublin (Lufthansa) at 05:00 am arriving in FRA at 8:00 am and then leaving (United) for SFO @ 12:54 pm. Will she have to go through any kind of custom control and is there an area in Terminal 1 (I'm assuming Terminal 1 for both arrival and departure) where she will be able to rest comfortably? I thought I could get her into the Lufthansa lounge, with my United Club pass but it does not seem to be the case.
All she has to do is go from her arrival gate to her departure gate since she is not entering the Schengen Area. That is correct - United Club day passes cannot be used at other airlines' lounges, even partner airlines.
do checked bags from US to TLV via FRA get transferred directly to TLV flight? Do travelers in transit have to clear any passport control? 1hr 30min connecting time sufficient if no inbound delays?
All you have to do in Frnakfurt if both flights are on Lufthansa is go directly to your departure gate where there will be Israeli security. You have enough time.
I am due to arrive on Singapore Airlines in Frankfurt at 6.45 am I have a connecting flight to Budapest on Lufthansa leaving at 8.20 am. Will I have enough time or should I book a later flight. ! am assuming my luggage will be checked through to Budapest. Will I have to go through immigration in Frankfurt?
Yes, you will go through Schengen Entry passport control in Frankfurt. If it's two separate reservations that is barely enough time.
It is one reservation....can I still make it......I thought I would take advantage of Frankfurt Airport's Gate to Gate Service.
We are flying from Rome to Dallas-Fort Worth on Lufthansa. The scheduled connection time in Frankfurt is 60 minutes. Assuming the planes are on time is this enough time to make the connection.
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi there,

I am flying with Air Canada arriving from Tegel airport Berlin and have an hour and 15 minutes to transfer and catch a flight to Toronto Pearson via Air Canada. Do I need to collect my bags and go through security for this and is there enough time? Thanks in advance,
Arriving on Lufthansa, have a 1 Hr 20 minute layover and leave on Condor to Seattle USA. Are the 2 airlines in the same terminal and will we have enough time to make our connection?
We also have the option of having a 5 hour layover. Would that be a better flight to choose?
Yes, Condor and Lufthansa both use Terminal 1. If both flights are on the same reservation that is enough time. If it's two separate reservations you need the longer layover.
Hello, I'm flying from USA to Frankfurt with Condor, then with 2 hours layover I have a connection flight to Moscow operated by Airflot. Do I need a transit visa to get to my next flight in Frankfurt?
What is your citizenship?
Unless you are traveling with no checked bags it appears you will have to transfer them yourself between Condor and Aeroflot, which means you will need a Short-Stay Schengen Visa issued by Germany.
Hello! I will be flying from Krakow, PL to Chicago, USA with a connection in Frankfurt. Do I need to go through customs, immigration or another security line in Frankfurt? I land in Terminal 1 in Frankfurt and depart from there too. Is it best to check my bags through to Chicago or carry them on? Thank you!
Arrival to Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 is by Singapore Airlines from New York, then connecting from Frankfurt Terminal 1 to Munich via Lufthansa flight. Do we need to clear bags/luggage at Frankfurt? Connection time is 1.5 hours. Will there be enough time?
Flying Denver-Fra and then Fra-Tel Aviv on Lufthansa with 2 hour layover. Do I need to go through customs/passport control in Fra? Will my luggage be checked straight to Tel Aviv?
No, since you are not entering the Schengen Area there is no passport control in Frankfurt. You will just go to the gate where there will be special Israeli security. You won't have to do anything with your bags.