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American traveling from Vienna to Frankfurt, then 1 hour later to Tampa Florida, all on Lufthansa ticket. Will I make my connection?
Yes, that should be just enough time.
Thank you!
DO I need a transit visa if I have very short stopovers in LHR and FRA while enroute to dEL?
What is your Citizenship? Do you hold an entry visa or permanent residence to the US or UK?
I am an Indian citizen.I only have canadian visa.
Then you need a Schengen Airport Transit Visa.
But i read on the uk and german gov websites that if i have a canadian valid visa i would not need it.
Flight from Florence with 1 hours 15 min layover in FRA, connecting to continue to IAD. Enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
I'm from Brazil, and I'm going to Italy with stop in Frankfurt and my flight-back are 7 months after, only in December. But, I will stay in Italy only 25 days, after I going to London and stay there during 5 months, than I will back to Italy. I need a special visa for it? Could you help me?
You can normally visit Italy or transit Germany without a Visa, but since you are staying so long, you will need a longer, multiple entry visa issued by an Italian consulate or embassy.
Is enought time 1.5 hrs to connect from a flight coming from Minsk, Belarus to Frankfurt. I have to take the plane coming to Toronto, Canada. ALso, I have to check my luggages again?
If both tickets are on the same reservation all you have to do is go through security and to your departure gate. You don't have to do anything with your baggage.
My girlfriend is arriving into FRA at 6:05AM on China Eastern. Then has a flight out on British Airways at 7:25AM. Both Airlines are in Terminal 2. One agent booked both flights but I don't think they will be considered the same ticket. Will she have enough time to collect baggage and re-check in?
She will have to ask the China Eastern agent in her origin.
arriving at FRA from LJU at 8:30 with bags to check. Can I make a 10:30 from FRA
What airline are you flying from Ljubljana? What airline are you flying out of Frankfurt? Where are you flying to?
We have a Condor flight out of FRA on 06/30 at 2:05pm on 06/30. We will arrive at FRA from Paris on Air France at 11:20 am with luggage checked. Is this plenty of time for a connection?
That should be enough time assuming the flight from Paris is on-time. Since you'll have to transfer your bags yourself between terminals you might have to take the shuttle bus to Terminal 1.
I'm traveling from Newark in the USA to Krakow with a 55 minute layover in Frankfurt. I will check my luggage to my final destination. All flights with Lufthansa. Is 55 minutes enough time?
It should be just enough time if your first flight is on-time.
We had very bad experience travelling thru Frankfurt from Toronto to Wroclaw and I just wonder what we should arrange to be transfer to business lounge for our waiting time over 4 hrs instead being stacked in the crowded waiting room.