Frequent Flyer Overview

Are you new to the frequent flyer miles phenomenon? Before you get started on your road to rewards, you first must decide what kind of frequent flyer miles member you want to become?

Are you planning on using the miles for business trips? Will you take many trips each year for your work or even personal reasons? Or do you plan to only fly occasionally, perhaps for vacation or a family reunion? Answering this question will help you discover your reward potential.

If you plan to put the frequent in frequent flyer miles, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your plan.

- Choose a frequent flyer program that best fits your flight pattern and desired rewards, one that gives the most points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants. Imagine, earning points for taking a client out to dinner, and resting in comfort while you are out of town.

- Keep only one frequent flyer miles account. By gathering all of your points into one account, you will acquire that larger miles number much quicker, as compared to splitting them up between multiple accounts.

- Carefully monitor your account. This is very important because your frequent flyer program often updates special promotions and partner companies.

- Always keep track of your miles. Keep receipts and be sure to watch your expiration dates.

If you are a more casual flyer, only wanting to board a plane for a special occasion, read the next section for a few strategies that will benefit you the most.

- Choose a frequent flyer program that offers points on things that you purchase every day. Most programs now offer categories that help to simplify the process. Examples of these categories would be gas, groceries, and dinning. This would help take some of the guilt out of eating out!

- As with a frequent flyer, it is best to keep only one mile earning account. That way, all of the gas you purchase can go towards your end goal: that free flight.

- Read the newsletters that your program sends out. They include useful information like special earning promotions and new partner programs. If you don’t get a paper copy, you can always find one online.

- Take advantage of partner companies. These partners include businesses like; florists, car rentals, and restaurants, places that you may visit and purchase from anyways. They change often so be sure to keep up to date with new additions. You are always welcome to call your program’s customer service.

- Monitor your miles and remember to watch the expiration dates. If you find that your points are expiring quicker than you would like, you can always request an award-ticket, then change the date for one that works better for your schedule. Just don’t let your free trip go to waste!

Whether you are a high-frequency or a leisure flyer, the most important thing is to work towards your rewards goal. It helps if you think of your frequent flyer miles as currency. Instead of money in your pocket, think of it as that coveted flight upgrade, or a free flight to the Bahamas.