Frequent Flyer Overview

Frequent Flyer Overview

A frequent-flyer is a loyalty program that an Airline offers to its customers. Many airlines offer frequent-flyer programs to encourage customers enrolled in the program to accumulate points, which are also known as miles, kilometers, or segments. You can redeem these points for air travel or other rewards.

Are you new to the frequent flyer miles phenomenon? If yes, then first, you will need to understand the process of the frequent flyer program. Also, you should need to decide what kind of frequent flyer miles member you want to become.

Types of Frequent Flyer Program

Let’s take a look at the types of frequent flyer programs that will help you to choose one for yourself.

  • Region-Based Programs

Region-based programs are very common for domestic airlines. This program doesn’t depend upon the actual distance or cost of your flight ticket. It depends upon the states from where the flight departs and where it arrives.

  • Distance-Based Programs

As the name suggests, frequent flyer miles in distance-based programs depends on the actual flying distance between two points. This is an easy-to-understand program, although it has many other rules and underlying conditions.

  • Revenue-Based Programs

Revenue-based frequent flyer programs help redeem rewards on the basis of the cost of the ticket.

Are you planning on using the miles for business trips? Will you take many trips each year for work or personal reasons? Or do you only fly occasionally, perhaps for vacation or a family reunion?

Answering the above question will help you to discover your reward potential.

If you are planning to opt for frequent flyer miles, here are a few tips for you. These tips will help you to get the most out of your plan.

  • Choose a frequent flyer program that best fits your flight pattern and desired rewards. The program should give you the most points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants. Imagine earning points for taking a client out to dinner while you are out of town.
  • Keep only one frequent flyer miles account. This helps to collect all the points in a single account, and with it, you can acquire larger miles numbers much quicker.
  • Carefully monitor your flyer account. This is very important because frequent flyer programs often update you about special promotions and partner companies as well.

  • Always keep track of your miles. Keep receipts with you, and do not forget to check the expiry dates.

Board Plane on Special Occasions

If you want to board a plane only for a special occasion, read the next section to get the benefit from frequent flyer programs.

  • Choose a frequent flyer program that offers points on things that you purchase every day. Most programs offer points for categories like gas, groceries, and dining that help to simplify the process.
  • As with a frequent flyer, it is best to keep only one-mile earning account. In this way all the gas you purchase will go in a single account and increase your points.
  • Read the newsletters that your program sends to you. They include useful information like special earning promotions and new partner programs.
  • Take advantage of the companies of your partner. These partners include businesses like; florists, car rentals, and restaurants. You are always welcome to call your program’s customer service.
  • Monitor your miles and remember to watch the expiry dates. If you find that your points are expiring soon, you can always request an award-ticket, then change the date for one that works better for your schedule. Just don’t let your free trip go to waste!

Whether you are a high-frequency or a leisure flyer, the most important thing is to work towards your rewards goal. It helps if you think of your frequent flyer miles as currency.