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Arriving on Wednesday at 1:39pm at Terminal C. Where will I go for my shuttle pick up? thank you
I need to know the public bus route to get to the greyhound station from IAH?
The 102 bus runs every 15 minutes between them, but be aware that it takes 75 minutes to make the trip.
I am picking up family tonight. They are arriving at Terminal E, but not checking bags. Where is the best place to pick them up? Flight arrives around 11 pm
I am flying into Hobby around 10a and flying out of IAH Terminal D on BA for 4:20p. Will I be able to make this flight on a shared shuttle (Supershuttle) and where would I be asked to be dropped off? There is no Terminal D dropoff.
D and E essentially share the same dropoff point. You should have enough time.
Terrific! Thanks...I pray Houston and its people recover quickly...still a legit concern.
How's the roads into IAH Will Clayton Pkwy/JFK
Hi, I'm staying in Houston for 3 night, then flying to Paris. Should i use taxi to get around or get black car?
I frequently visit Houston and highly recommend a executive/black car service. They are usually same taxi rates and often not more than 10% higher. Thus, it is sweet deal, you get safer, cleaner, and more quality ride.
Very accommodated
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need to get from terminal C to A
The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security if both flights are on the same reservation and bags are checked through.
hey, I am flying to Dubai from Jackson via houston and i have two separate tickets. My flight from Jackson arrives on Terminal B at IAH and then my next flight is from Terminal D with Emirates Airline. So, how do i get to terminal D with my luggage??
The Subway train (formerly called the Inter-Terminal Train) runs underground between terminals outside security.
How far is it from the airport yo the Amtrak station. What is the best way to get there.
It is 22 miles (35 km) away. The best way is to take a taxi, although you can also take the 102 bus (which takes over twice as long). Do you realize that the Houston Amtrak station is only served by two trains each day (one in each direction) and is little more than a shed with a few seats inside? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston_station_(Texas)
Best thing to plan ahead try www.limomove.com luxury private car transfer serving Houston airport with competitive price close to taxi you may ask the driver to take you all the way to your destination rather than Amtrak because they will accumulate you and you will feel like you're with your family
I want to go to Baton Rouge Louisiana by bus which is the best way? Thanks
Houston METRO Bus 102 will take you from IAH to the Greyhound station. It takes a bit over an hour and the bus leaves every half hour. https://www.ridemetro.org/MetroPDFs/Schedules/BusSchedules/n102-Bush-IAH-Express.pdf