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Looking to see if all airport parking areas are still offering this to Military DV vehicles with plates. Has anyone flown recently that can give an update on current protocol? I did call USO and they have limited parking which is mostly for the volunteers that work there. Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm actually wondering the same thing before I drive into Houston early on Saturday. Did anyone answer this question, do disabled veterans with DV plates park free at IAH? I know they do at Hobby, DFW and Lovefield for sure.
I currently have Defense Meritorious Service Medal Plates on my car. Can I park free at IAH?
I'll have to pick up my bag at TC arrivals. How can I get back over to TB to get my car?
Parking fits parking
Is parking free at IAH with USAF Air Medal license plates?
My husband is 100 percent disabled. Do we need to reserve free parking? We will leave Jan. 16, 2019 and return Feb 6, 2019. If we need reservations, where do I call?
As long as you have TX DV plates you are fine. Just mention it when you arrive at the payment booth, you’ll fill out a small paper, then you’re good to go
Just the handicap placard, no handicap plates, but do we get free parking? Thanks!
I live in Louisiana and have disabled license plates would I be able to park free at IAH
We left on 12/18/17 and will return on 12/25/17. We're wondering how much will this cost to get out of the parking garage.
It depends what garage you parked in.
Why do disabled vets get free parking but retired vets do Not? Anyone can join the military and get a disability rating after one month but if you stay in and retire you have to rate over 50% to get a rating.
The standard is the same for everyone. To get Texas State DV plates, all veterans must apply & provide proof of 50% disability rating (or at least 40% w/amputation). See application VTR-214.pdf on Texas DMV website txdmv.gov/forms.
We didn't join for free parking. I'll take my monthly income and health benefits as good enough. I don't remember my grandparents ever walking into a store and asking for their military discount.
I agree with USMC8511; I didn’t serve to look for handouts or discounts after the fact. Complaining about something like this is so petty. Also, if you didn’t manage to hit 50% after 20 years you must’ve worked behind a desk. SF.
I hear you Gunny but there is a little more required. Apparently you need to be >50% gimpy and qualify for a special designation on your license plate to get free parking at the Houston Airport.
Is it right? Not in my humble opinion. BOHICA