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I have DV plates on my car but will not have the disabled veteran with me. I have a military ID showing I am a dependent of the DV. Can I still park for free?
Many conflicting reports.
1. 5 days free at Hobby inside for DV Plates
2. Free outside parking - no limit for DV Plates
3. IAH unlimited free for DV Plates
Is this all true or false?
You can park at any of the terminals at the airport for free just go to the full service lane when leaving they make you fill out a slip and they take a picture of the plates for proof.
Do disable veterans get to park at the IAH garage for free?
I parked at IAH for 3 1/2 weeks back in May. The attendant noticed my DV plates and asked if I was the veteran. I said yes, had to fill out a little info (name, phone number, address, and something else), and was on my way saving $440.
What lot do you park in to get the free parking for the DV
Which lot can you park for free with disabled vet tags?
Do you HAVE to have the DV plates or is there another verification method??
did you get a response to your question? I have the same question..
There has to be DV plates on the vehicle and the DV has to be in the vehicle.
We need to park for 8 days so would that be the long term lot or does it matter if you are a disabled veteran?
I have TX Purple Heart plates as well as a letter from the VA certifying me as a disabled Vet.

Some years ago I parked free in the IAH parking garage for 3 weeks.

Can I still park in the garage for free? Any length of time limitations?
I just called and they said you can park in the eco lot for free with disabled vet tags
Just got back from an international trip for 6 weeks+. Drove to exit, told clerk plates were for 100% disabled veteran, had husband sign off on and drove off. Saved an appreciated $228.00. Thank you IAH for my husbands disability acknowledgement!!
I need to park long term at IAH. I am a disabled veteran and have texas DV plates on my vehicle. Is free disabled veteran parking available for long term parking?
Are there disabled parking spots in parking A
Disabled Vet Parking? I have tags on my vehicle.
Looking to see if all airport parking areas are still offering this to Military DV vehicles with plates. Has anyone flown recently that can give an update on current protocol? I did call USO and they have limited parking which is mostly for the volunteers that work there. Thanks in advance
Hi, I'm actually wondering the same thing before I drive into Houston early on Saturday. Did anyone answer this question, do disabled veterans with DV plates park free at IAH? I know they do at Hobby, DFW and Lovefield for sure.
I currently have Defense Meritorious Service Medal Plates on my car. Can I park free at IAH?
No, you have to have DV plates. The policy is for DV, not for receiving a high-level retirement award.
Not so sure about this answer. I went through the gate last year with a Navy Meritorious Service Medal (the pink one) and the attendant wouldn’t let me pay. She could have been wrong and I haven’t been back since.