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Why do disabled vets get free parking but retired vets do Not? Anyone can join the military and get a disability rating after one month but if you stay in and retire you have to rate over 50% to get a rating.
What are the requirements to park for FREE @ Houston Int'l Airport?
Just called Account Specialist Parking Division @ IAH on October 17, 2017. Verified with Ms. Keylonda Brown confirming the policy is STILL FREE parking for Disabled Veterans with a Texas plate with DV designated. Up to 60 days domestic/international.

Travellers will need to grab a ticket and upon checkout/return; go to a live cashier where they will verify and have you sign the ticket.

A facebook post was put up providing this info.
Am I able to retrieve my vehicle today from parking garage for terminal A?
Our car has been parked at ECCO since Thursday, 9-24. Did the lot flood?
This is not the airport's website. Also, 9-24 is in the future.
Does IAH have free long term handicap parking?
I parked for 15 minutes at Terminal E parking on July 5. My charge was $5 yet your website says it should be only $1. What happened?
This is not the IAH Airport website.
I'm picking up my 18 year old son whose flight gets in from Chicago at 10pm on United. Can I park in the parking garage and meet him at baggage claim inside or must I circle the airport? Sorry, if this is a silly question but I'm not a frequent flyer and can't find the answer on IAH website.
Do Vets with "Medal Plates" get free parking? (In SA we do). Plates such as Legion of Merit or Meritorious Service Medal?
Yes, Q&A posted here before. Had to have DV plates on vehicle. Flew international in July-Aug 2015 for 33 days and FREE of charge. Cheaper to fly out of here than SA. Our go to airport.
Do we park free at George bush airport
YES! See previous answer. Ensure you have DV plates on vehicle in use. Call if you want to make sure.
We parked in the Terminal C garage for a total of 4 days and 12 hours, so basically 5 days. The charge is $15 per day, so the cost should have been $75. Instead we were charged $110. How can we get this solved?