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Who do I call if I left an item in one of the stores? Is there a central lost and found?
Is there a Bank of America stm at ISH airport
Hi - I'd like to buy a microSIM card while on stopover at Houston, for use as a 7-day tourist. where are the best locations ? I think T-mobile would be my preferred choice.
Hi, I'm arriving from Singapore via Tokyo to Houston on a United flight, arriving to terminal E. I would like to pick up duty free alcohol, but I am departing to Costa Rica (LIR) via terminal C, which doesn't look to have a duty free store. What would be the best solution here? Are drinks sent to the gate or do I take the items myself? Thanks
Hi Em,

You can make your purchase at any of the duty free stores in Terminal E, and the staff will deliver your liquor purchase to your gate, even if it's located in another Terminal.
i am traveling from Europe to Ecuador and i on my way back i have a 10 hour layover at the airport and would like to take this chance to buy an apple laptop as they are ofcoure cheaper in the US. any idea how can i manage that? do they sell apple laptops at the airport? (i found an istore but i m not sure if they will have lots of options). any suggestions to look for one outside airport? maybe i can preorder it and then just go pick it up? (this is what i did when i bought a laptop through bestbuy some years ago). thanking you in advance for your replies
Hi Marina,

You didn't specify your travel date, so I hope I am not responding too late. The istore, which is located in Terminal B, only has 2 options, MacBook, and MacBook Pro.

There is a Bestbuy located approximately 12 miles from the airport that you could take an Uber or Taxi to, or the Woodlands Mall, which is approximately 19 miles, and has an actual Apple Store. The drive time to both of these locations is about 20-25 minutes depending on traffic.

Since you have a 10 hour layover, you'll most likely have plenty of time to make it to either location, shop, and make it back to the airport within 3 hours.

Also, you should plan on customs processing eating up an hour, and you'll want to be at your departure gate 2-3 hours early, so really, you are only going to have 6 hours for your laptop hunt.
Dear Josh. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am travelling in August. Another question is what to do with the luggage during the layover. I do not know at this stage if we will have to pick it up and have it rechecked. If thats the case we will need to leave them somewhere in order to go outside the airport etc. thanks a lot!
Do you have to go through security checkpoints to get to the exchange at E12? Do you have to have a ticket to do so?
Unfortunately, yes - to both questions. There is, however, a currency exchange outside of the security checkpoint at Terminal E, on Level 1. If you park in the D/E Parking Garage, and take the elevator down to Level one, you'll see the Currency Exchange Booth next to the elevator banks.
getting into IAH at around 1015pm.. wondering what kinds of bars/restaurants are open at this time, and when they close (ie. last call?) ?? thanks in advance
As far as I know the last flights depart a little before midnight, but only very few flights depart after 10:30 PM. I imagine that most places close at about 10 or 1030 while a few might stay open until 11 or 11:30.
ZAP is correct. Most concessions are closed by 9-10PM daily. While the options are very limited after 10PM there are several locations that are required to stay open until 30 minutes after the last flight of the day (which varies from day to day depending on flight delays). These locations are available at Terminals B, C, and E, but are primarily snack kiosks, rather than restaurants. Einstein's Bagel (located between E1 & E2) is open until 11pm Daily
I m interested in opening an food business at the airrport. How can I go about that.
There are only 14 concessionaires that control all restaurants in the Houston Airport System. You can contact the Houston Airport System for availability but I doubt there is any.
I just recently became aware of this message board, so I do apologize for the delayed response. Please call the Houston Airport System's main switchboard at 281-233-3000, Press "0" to reach the attendant on duty, and ask for the "Concessions Management Office"
I'm flying to Toronto on united express and want to know if duty free is available in the terminal?
Yes, there are small duty free shops in Terminal B to cater to the United Express flights to Canada and Mexico.
In August I'll be flying from Auckland,NZ to Manchester, UK via Houston. We're travelling on Air New Zealand although the IAH to Manchester leg is on Singapore Airlines.
I'm travelling by myself with two children under 5 and wondering about the logistics in the airport. Will I have to claim and recheck our bags?
We have a 6hr layover so time isn't an issue.
Also, given the length of the layover, any tips to help with the kids in the airport would be great.
Yes, you will have to claim and re-check your bags. Immigration, customs, baggage, and security will take about an hour, and you will board about an hour before your flight, so you'll really only have about 4 hours to kill. There are play areas located in various places in the airport for kids. You could also get a meal.