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I m interested in opening an food business at the airrport. How can I go about that.
There are only 14 concessionaires that control all restaurants in the Houston Airport System. You can contact the Houston Airport System for availability but I doubt there is any.
I'm flying to Toronto on united express and want to know if duty free is available in the terminal?
Yes, there are small duty free shops in Terminal B to cater to the United Express flights to Canada and Mexico.
In August I'll be flying from Auckland,NZ to Manchester, UK via Houston. We're travelling on Air New Zealand although the IAH to Manchester leg is on Singapore Airlines.
I'm travelling by myself with two children under 5 and wondering about the logistics in the airport. Will I have to claim and recheck our bags?
We have a 6hr layover so time isn't an issue.
Also, given the length of the layover, any tips to help with the kids in the airport would be great.
Yes, you will have to claim and re-check your bags. Immigration, customs, baggage, and security will take about an hour, and you will board about an hour before your flight, so you'll really only have about 4 hours to kill. There are play areas located in various places in the airport for kids. You could also get a meal.
i lost my ipad, i have located it using find my iphone app. It is at IAH, terminal D access rd, Houston, 77032. How do I get it back
Do not shop at this store! The clerk Laura Vasquez, was so inappropriate and rude. Quoted me the wrong price. When I asked her to come look at the item itwith me, she replied, "Not with that attitude!" I was shocked and asked to speak with a manager. She said go ahead. Lost my business. And to top it off, my husband went back and the item I wanted WAS on sale for the price I told her! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! LOST MY BUSINESS FOR EVER!
First time getting on plane. Going from Houston to San Francisco, CA, will I have to go through immigration check? What's the normal process?
There is no Immigration when traveling on domestic flights Houston and San Francisco are both located in the United States.
The ladies working at the Starbucks (after security terminal b) work at a snails pace and have little to no emotion. After waiting 20 minutes, and 2 attempts at making my coffee- I settled for a lukewarm tasteless drink (I asked for extra hot). I am hoping theIr manager reads this and takes action to make sure that the Starbucks employees are handling all guests with exceptional customer service. By far the worst Starbucks experience I have ever had.
Is there somewhere that sells AT&T GoPhone SIM cards in the terminal?
I don't know about that particular brand - prepaid SIMs at airports aren't as big of a thing in the US as they are in other countries. Some airports have vending machines that sell prepaid SIMs.
Can anyone tell me the name of the new shop where bass pro was located in the terminal C area?
Hi - I have amassed a collection of USD coins during my flights through the US. Is there anywhere in the airport to get them cashed into USD bills that I can actually use elsewhere in the world?
Ask a shop that isn't busy. Usually they need coins.