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Dear Ms/Mr,

I'll be flying from Amsterdam to Dallas (DFW), with a transfer at Houston (IAH). I'll have 1 hour and 50 minutes to transfer, would this be enough? If my plane is delayed, is there any advice you could give me? I'll be flying on the 21st of August and landing at IAH at 14.25, the flight to Dallas leaves at 16.15.

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That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. If you are delayed then you will be rebooked on a later flight to Dallas.
Alright thank you.
My flight from Panama City to Houston is with United Airlines, we have 2 hours 40 minutes stop-over for next flight to Frankfurt with Lufthansa (we have no bags).
Is that time enough? And both airlines are to and from terminal E?
You will arrive in E and depart from D (assuming you mean Panama City, Panama, not Panama City, Florida). You have enough time.
I'll flight from Vietnam to New Orleans with 2 different airlines, Korean Air (SGN-ICN-IAH) and American Airline (IAH-DFW-MSY) because I bought 2 seperated tickets. From my knowledge, international arrivals will be in terminal D or E, but I have to go to AA's checkin counter in terminal A. How can I go from D or E to A with my checked baggages?
You can take the SubWay train from D to A underground outside security with your bags.
Can I get on the train with cart?
Hi there, I am flying New Zealand to Houston, arrive on air NZ at IAH at 2.55pm and depart on a UA flight for New York from terminal c at 6.10pm. Will I have enough time to clear immigration, customs and security and make my connection? I am traveling with my 6 year old so want to be super prepared.
Yes, that is enough time.
hello , I am travelling to Pune, India from Monterrey-Houston-Frankfort-Pune.
Do i need to make immigration at HOUSTON for connecting flight ? Does the baggage get connected from Airlines ( Lufthansa)
Yes, in Houston you have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You should not have to claim your bags. if you are an Indian citizen you will need a US transit visa.
Thanks a lot
I am looking at travelling from Denmark to Costa Rica, changing flights in Houston. I have 3 kids with me (= not possible to run very fast!) and we would be travelling during Christmas. I have 2 hours 38 minutes - will I be able to make i (with out too much stress!), or should I look for another flight? Any feedback very welcome, thank you.
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. However, where are you changing flights first? There are no nonstop flights from Denmark to Houston.
Oh sorry, my bad: We are actually coming FROM Costa Rica with United, then travelling on with United to Frankfurt from where we will continue to Denmark (long journey :-). Also, we have checked in luggage with us - do we need to worry about this in Houston, or is it automatically transferred onto the connecting flight (regardless if it is the same airline or not)? Thank you so much in advance!
You won't have to claim your bags in Houston, but you will have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security.
Immigration, customs, and security - that sounds like a lot! Again, is it realistic this can be done during Christmas peak season in 2 hours 38 mins?
Thanks again!
Yes, it's possible.
Im flying from Quito Ecuador, and had a connection in IAH to LAX, will 1h 20minutes be enough time to make it through inmigration and customs to get on time for my LAX flight? Im traveling just with my carry on luggage.
No, that is below the minimum international to domestic connection time which is 90 minutes. Maybe with no checked bags you have a slight chance if the flight from Quito is early.
hi all,
My 16 years old nephew is going to be travelling on his own for the fist time without sitting service. He's flying with United Airlines, going from Jacksonville to Guadalajara, with a 2h layover in Houston Int. Airport. No checked baggage, only a cabin case.
Will he have to go outside security and back in again? will he be able o use the Skyway to change terminals? He has to go from terminal C to B.
Thank you!
Yes, that is plenty of time. All he has to do is go from his arrival gate to his departure gate using the Skyway train.
great, thank you. So he wont need to go through passport control again. Just once when he checks in in Jacksonville.

Will that be the case again for his return flight? (Guadalajara -> Houston (HIA) -> Jacksonville), as he'll be entering the US from an international flight, I am wondering what the process will be.

Thank you for your help! I have been doing research all day and this is so far the best forum.
There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. He will just go through security in Jacksonville and then show his passport at the gate in Houston. On the return, in Houston, he will go through US Immigration, claim his bags, go through US Customs, re-check his bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to his departure gate.
I'm looking flying into Huston on a United flight to connect to a United flight to Buenas Aires. I would be arriving on a united flight. The transfer time is Is 1hr 20mins, is that enough time to change planes?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is domestic.
What is the process for a Canadian traveling home from Peru transiting through Houston and how long does it take to clear customs? Do bags have to be rechecked? I have a short connection time.
You don't have to claim your bags. Immigration, Customs, and Security will likely take about an hour, then you have to get to your departure gate.