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Flying from Honduras to IAH to Frankfurt. Flights booked all on one ticket with United. Is 1 hour 10 minutes enough to make my connecting flight to Frankfurt? Will I have to pick up checked bags and go thru security again?

Thank you :)
That is NOT enough time. you won't have to claim your bags but you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You need at LEAST 90 minutes.
I will be flying from Lima to San Francisco with a 1 hour 50 minute layover in Houston. All flights are with UA. I was just wondering if that's enough time to get through customs, immigration, and recheck my bags?
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Do I have to go to the check in counter at Houston or is there a different area I can drop my bag?
You can drop your bag at the re-check desk right after you clear customs.
Hello, traveling from San Jose Costa Rica and then on to a domestic connection in IAH. After we collect our bags and go through customs, we drop them back off at United conveyor belts and normally go to the security line straight after dropping our bags (taking the escalator upstairs), and it just takes too long. No TSA PreCheck nor premium line there. So can we drop off our luggage for the international connection and then exit airport completely, reenetering through normal airport security? Just trying to avoid that horrible line. We have premiere access and TSA precheck, have lots of electronics so being able to use that line would really be helpful. But don't want to schlep our checked bags and recheck in either... can't remember if we can hard exit after that connection bag drop area.
Thanks you so much in advance! I tried to search the Forum but it wasn't that easy and I really appreciate any help.
I am flying from Mexico City with my 2 children (8&4) we will land in Houston after leaving Mexico City. My final destination is El Paso. How long of a layover will I need to clear US customs?
You need a minimum of 2 hours.
Thank you!!
How do I get from terminal A to terminal E?
You can go inside security using the Skyway train our outside security using the Subway Train.
flying tomorrow from Chicago to iah to aruba.....arriving in terminal C and departing from E...I think....how far and how much time would we need.
Hi, I am going to Chicago via Houston. from New Zealand. Even though clearing immigration at IAH, do I still need to wait at immigration que and clear CBP again at Chicago?
Thank you
No, all you have to do in Chicago will claim your bags and leave the airport.
We are flying from Cancun to Iah and then to Phoenix with only carry on bags. Both flights are united airlines. Once we land in Iah , will we have to go back thru security checkpoint to get to the domestic terminal? How much time will that take?
Yes, you will. 90-120 minutes is the bare minimum recommended, even without checked bags.
Is 51 minutes enough time to get through customs to go to Mexico from St. Louis, MO?
Yes, all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
1) if our bags are tagged through to Frankfurt do we still have to claim them in IAH and clear customs?
2) do we have to go through US immigration and passport control even if we are just transiting from Mexico to Germany?
You won't have to claim your bags in Houston but you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security.
Thank you - we just did that and it worked amazingly! Immigration was fast and friendly. Security was fast and rude!!! Maybe IAH is working on it. We were through to departures in 30 minutes. Not so bad. We landed @ 2.40pm. Cheers