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I will be traveling to IAH alone with 3 small children from Amsterdam. Will have family picking me up curbside at the airport, but are porters available at international baggage claim? Won’t be able to handle 3 kids, stroller, car seats, and luggage alone. Thanks!
Hi SE,

There are a limited number of porters available to assist with luggage once you process through passport control, and make you way down the baggage claim, it would just be a matter of finding one that is available. Email me at [email protected] - I have some additional options available to assist you, but I don't want you to publish your information on this public board.
Is there somewhere at IAH to store luggage?
Some people have had success paying the hotel to store their bags, but that's it. There's no specialized baggage storage facility.
I'll be arriving at Terminal B @ 11:11 with a 3-4 hr layover. How can I get to the Marriott Hotel to met my family and still get back in time to depart at 2:20 Terminal C?
Take the SubWay Train outside security to the Marriott, then meet them and take the SubWay back to Terminal C.
I’m bringing a school trip through Houston next week and was wondering if it was likely I could get a member of airport staff to help guide us to our connection? Or be a point of contact and advice for me if we are delayed?
That is not the responsibility of the airport nor do they have such capabilities. I would contact the group sales department of your airline whom you booked the trip through.
My girlfriend has a 30 minute layover in IAH. She is coming in from Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport and then flying to Fort Lauderdale International AirPort. Airline is United. She’s never flown before and worried she won’t get to her connecting flight in time. Are there any fool-proof guides for navigating from one gate/terminal to another?
Additional info: she will be flying into Terminal B at IAH, then flying out of Terminal C.
Nothing is fool proof with such a short connection. She has to follow signs to the Skyway train, take it to Terminal C, then follow signs to her gate. She can follow her gates on the United App or United.com on her phone.
I’m flying with frontier tomorrow and wanted to know what terminal I dropped off at?
They use Terminal A.
Who do I contact at IAH for Carter Assistance for two seniors? Airline said to contact IAH.
What is "Carter Assistance"? If you need wheelchair assistance you contact your airline. Maybe they thought you were talking about luggage carts.
The message should have read cart assistance/ Airline will provide wheelchair, but they told me to contact IAH so my husband could also ride. I’ve had hip replacement and he needs surgery...
Is it possible to get help getting from one flight to a connecting flight.? Not handicapped , but never been to IAH and not a lot of time between flights. Dont mind paying , can a skycap be arranged for ahead of time? Trying to take the worry out of flying. Thank 's for any info. you can provide..
That is not a service that is available. Just follow the signs.
We will be traveling from Cabo San Lucas with an hour 30 minute layover. Will this be sufficiient time to get through customs and board?

Flight 1533
2:56pm Sun Jan 21
San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)
6:25pm Sun Jan 21
Houston (IAH)
2h 29m
Layover: IAH, Houston, TX, United States, 1h 35m

Flight 6287
8:00pm Sun Jan 21
Houston (IAH)
10:04pm Sun Jan 21
St. Louis (STL)
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
My father had a cardiac arrest event traveling thru the airport on Thursday, November 9. I am trying to track down staff that were there to aid aim him. He is alive thanks to their care and he wants to personally thank them. Thank you fo any assistance.
This is not the airport's website. This is ifly.com, but glad to hear he is doing OK.