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I am looking for a public bus transportation that goes to Schulenburg,Texas, from IAH.
There's a Greyhound station in Schulenburg, but you'll have to go to downtown Houston to get that bus. Otherwise your only option is to drive.
We will be flying in on United (domestic), Terminal B I believe and will need to get to the KLM (international) gates, Terminal D from what I understand. 1. Will I have to pick up my luggage from United and then recheck with KLM and go through security again. 2. Will have wheel chair assistance, but will they be able to get me from point a to point b?
Hi Just wondering what visas I need to fly from Managua transit Houston intercontinental airport then on to Auckland New Zealand and any other helpful tips like do I need to clear customs when I get to Houston etc
Thank you
My wife will arrive on Terminal D at the end of july with my 4 years old daughter and 6 months baby boy.
I am looking for BAGGAGE HANDLING SERVICE. just help her in collecting the luggage and take them until I meet them on the waiting arrivals area.
somebody mention to me, that she can hire some body for that at the baggage claim area
anybody know if that's true?How much it will cost?
I'm arriving several hours before my friend, if I pick up my checked luggage can I still eat and shop without going back through security?
There isn't much shopping or dining outside security at IAH.
I will be traveling from phoenix to Houston ( domestic) and the connect the following morning to an international flight , I plan to wait it out at the airport, would it be ok to get a something to eat from inside the terminal before I pick up my bags?
Yes, fast food would be fine (if it's open, a lot of restaurants close after the last departures).
I need special wheelchair assistance on arrival at Terminal D IAH. Where should I get dropped off and how do I notify "special assistance" to get picked up by wheelchair.
Looking at traveling with my dog in July 2017. Do airlines have a temperature restriction for accepting pets traveling during the hot summer months. Does the airport have an air-conditioned waiting area for animals before they are loaded on to the airplanes/ flights?
I'm trying to sort this out too. I can't seem to get a 100% answer as to if it's the airlines call or the airports. From what I can tell is that the airline sets the regulation. Some will and some won't let you. I was told if they fly with baggage then they are in a semi cool place. I'm trying to verify that I won't show up and the airport denies the dogs.
Hi, my wife is travelling with our baby and unfortunately i wont be there for the journey, please how can we get someone to help with her baggage movement from local side of the airport to international.
What airlines is she flying? If both flights are on the same reservation she won't have to do anything with her bags in Houston.
Shes coming in from Midlands flying United, which would drop her at the local terminal. Then she need to proceed to the international terminal where she would board Delta- So we need help from local(United), to international(Delta)
Thank you
Delta does not fly international flights from Houston. Where is she flying to? By "Midlands" do you mean Midland/Odessa, Texas? Is it one reservation or two separate ones?
yes i mean midland/Odessa...when she boards Delta in Houston, she departs to Atlanta but he baggage would have been checked in from Houston...So basically we need help from Houston local terminal to Houston international terminal for her baggage
You are incorrect you do not go to the International Terminal in Houston. There will be no Delta desk there. She will arrive in Terminal B and her Delta flight to Atlanta will depart from Terminal A. She can just claim her bags from the Terminal B baggage claim, take the Subway to Terminal A, and re-check her bags with Delta and go through security.
Many thanks for the reply and explaining better.. She would be with a baby and moving her baggage from Terminal B to Terminal A may be a bit challenging for her, hence the request for help.

Thank you
She might be able to find a skycap in the Terminal B baggage claim to help her, but there's no guarantee.
I am getting dropped off at Terminal E Departures. How do I get from here to Terminal D Departures? I have to check-in at Terminal D and would go through security there too. Thank you.
They're just two sides of the same building. You can just walk there.
Great. Just to be sure, I can walk over before going through any check-in, security and immigration right?
Yes. Also, there is no US Immigration when leaving the US.