CLOSEST AIRPORTS TO Vilobi de Onyar / Girona

Barcelona BCN Viladecans, Catalonia (54 miles)
Carcassonne CCF Carcassonne, Aude Department (93 miles)
Reus REU Reus / Tarragona (98 miles)
Montpellier Mediterranee MPL Mauguio / Languedoc Roussillon (130 miles)
Toulouse Blagnac TLS Blagnac, Haute-Garonne area (138 miles)
Menorca MAH Mahon / Menorca (159 miles)
Palma de Mallorca PMI Palma de Majorca (162 miles)
Marseille Provence MRS Marignane (164 miles)
Tarbes Lourdes LDE Juillian (166 miles)
Ibiza IBZ San Jose Ibiza / Illes Baleares (221 miles)

When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.