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Parking is $60 for 5-7 days. How much for 10 days
Need to park 3 care for week close to airport. Please email or give me phone number and we will talk
I am making an inquiry on long term parking at the Greater Moncton Airport in Dieppe,NB. The long term parking for over five hours is posted at $12.00, for daily fee. We will be arriving on a flight that is scheduled to arrive at 1:05 AM,. Does the daily fee start at 12:00am thru to 12:00pm, OR does it start at the time the ticket is stamped on entrance to the parking. We are planning on having someone leave our vehicle in this parking late afternoon or early evening before our 1:05 AM arrival, , so wanting to know what we are looking at for cost.
Will be waiting for your reply at the above email address.
Thank you, Linda
How much will it cost to leave a car from Friday till Sunday checking the amount for a friend as he is going to Toronto for weekend
i'gone drive trois rivieres to Moncton. Even I don't have to take a flight. can I a rent a space for 4 days in the parking lot long term... I'm gone to traval in new brunswick and P.E.I with my bike

thanks for cooperation
Hi would love to hear about ways to save Moncton airport parking
I have been trying to find out what the rates are for long term parking at the Moncton Airport with absolutely no luck. Why is it that the simple answer is so difficult to find????????? Am I missing something???
16 dollars per day