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RFD : re: parking Apr 30, '19 Comments: 0

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

Leaving for a week in June. Where to park, and how much?

RFD : how do i print tickets Feb 12, '19 Comments: 0

Chicago Rockford Airport Traveler Help

I have a flight tomorrow morning but am unable to find where I print my tickets or pay for luggage on line

RFD : can i reserve a spot Sep 02, '18 Comments: 0

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

can i reserve a spot in advance for 4 days?

RFD : parking free? How to find out about flight cancellations Feb 08, '18 Comments: 1

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

Is the parking still free? How can I find out about flight delays and cancellations? Phone # to call or what web site? We are scheduled to fly out Saturday 2/10 @ 7:00am to Cancun and the weather does not look great. Even is we have a lot of snow what are the chances of the flight taking off ?
Parking is no longer free.

RFD : Parking fee implemented Dec 19, '17 Comments: 0

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

Have they started charging for parking at RFD yet. Says December 2017. Hopefully we can get one more trip without having to pay. It was a great person.

RFD : cell phone lot Dec 05, '17 Comments: 1

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

Where do people park that are waiting to pick up passengers?
The Parking lot. The parking lot is free.

RFD : Long term parking Aug 28, '16 Comments: 3

Chicago Rockford Airport Parking

Am wondering how long you can park at rfd? We are planning a trip to Fla. for 3 wks. Can we park there for that length of time?
That should be fine but you may want to call the airport security office to make sure. Last I checked there was no gate to enter or leave the lot, but they may mark cars that have been there a long time.
Thanks so much for your reply. Will check with them about it.
Free parking is coming to an end. We did.leave a vehicle there for 6 weeks once. Mind you it would have been a blessing if it disappeared, but it was ok.

RFD : Flight to see my son in service before he heads to Middle east in Mar Dec 22, '15 Comments: 1

Chicago Rockford Airport General Airport Topics

I am looking for a flight from Rockford for 3 adults, 1 of them a senior (80) we need to see my son in the 2nd week in March before he leaves for the Middle east. what is the best days to fly and rates to Phoenix.
Just check the Allegiant website. The Rockford airport is never that crowded.

RFD : Where in the world is RFD? Sep 22, '12 Comments: 3

Chicago Rockford Airport General Topics

We need to get to Hoffman Estates, IL. Is RFD in the same general area, or is ORD closer?
I suggest you contact
ORD to HE is about 30 mins.....RFD to HE is about an hour...both on the same highway I-90 at opposite ends.
Granted Ohare is 15 miles and Rockford is 45 miles but the lack of hassle and ease of in and out of the airport to I 90 makes Rockford the easy choice unless you are a masachist

RFD : Dining May 16, '12 Comments: 0

Chicago Rockford Airport Food, Shops, Services

Well it was my first trip to vegas this year. I have gone 2 to 3 times a year for the last 4 years . But this time they had no hot dogs at the gate and the guy working the counter didnt care. flight departed on 5/6/12. guess you dont need the money.