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Grenoble Isere Airport Traveler Help

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Grenoble Isere Airport Gate Connections


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Grenoble Isere Airport General Topics

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GNB : Restofly Restaurant Oct 04, '12 Comments: 0

Grenoble Isere Airport Food, Shops, Services

Do not eat here, I got ripped off when I was there with a group of 6 other people. The waitress charged me 60 euros instead of 16 which I told her I wanted to pay, unfortunately I didnt double check the amount before I entered my pin, but there was no doubt that I had said 16 euros since all of us were paying separately and my dinner cost around 15 euros. I have tried to contact restofly about this, and also grenoble airport, but no response, and that they do not reply to my emails is almost the worst, where is the service there?