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what is the cost for 2 weeks parking in on-airport longterm parking?
If airport parking is comparable to park and fly
How much for parking from Sat. March 23 to Sat. March 30 .
How much will it cost to park my pickup truck from October 10 to April 27. ? About six months.
Onsite Parking Lots & Rates
Parkade (Hourly) $2 each 30 minutes for first 2 hours
$4 per hour beyond 2 hours
No daily maximum

Parkade (Daily)
$4 per hour
$18 daily maximum
$90 weekly maximum

Terminal Exterior Parking Lot
$2 each 30 minutes for first 2 hours
$4 per hours beyond 2 hours
$15 per day
$75 weekly maximum

Offsite Parking Lots & Rates
Located on Barnes Drive, near Tim Hortons
$12 per day
$60 weekly maximum
Could you let me know how much it would be to leave my car in long-term parking for three weeks in September?
We’re flying out of Halifax July 19, returning July 30. Would like to know parking rates please?
How much would it cost to park in parkade for dates Oct 12-21.?
What's the cost to parks in short term and long term parking?
would like price
Where are the parking prices???