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The rates you have posted are incorrect and YHM doesn't have a Short Term parking lot. Please correct this information as it is misleading. Correct rates are posted here www.flyhamilton.ca
I paid for long term parking on Aug 21 and am back on the 28th. I paid for my parking but my card was lost. How do I pay when I return if I don't have a credit card.
I want to leave my car starting from August 28th and probably I’ll leave the car probably for a month or bit longer. I don’t need covered car park, but want to know whether there is any security patrol for my peace of mind.
departing on Aug 24 return Sept 6. How much can expect to pay for parking at Hamilton Airport?
Parking Departs Aug. 03,2020 Time: 12:00 pm. ------ Arrive Aug. 17,2020 Time: 3:00 pm. What would the cost be? Is there availability, and is there a discount coupon?
What happens if i lost my arking ticket
I need parking from 03 August to 09 August 2020. Please confirm me the process & rates as online I am not able to book the same.
im flying out of YHM june 28th returning july 19th is there a parking pkg to accommodate ,,do I just park and pay when I leave?
Why do you advertise long and short term parking for Hamilton Airport when the rates are not what is actually charged?
I would like Long Term Parking from April 25, 2020 until May 16, 2020. What would my cost be?