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I would like to park my car from Dec 20 - Dec 28 at Hamilton Airport. here below my questions:
How much per week
where do I buy parking tickets
I do not understand the difference between short term and long term as they both offer what I need. It says 5-7 days with the opportunity to buy more days. We need to leave the car from Nov 23-Dec 1/18 inclusive. I do have a disability sticker and hope to be as close to the terminal as possible. Thank you.
Iam leaving for Winnipeg on the 22nd of August and returning on the 26th of September.Would it be ok to leave my car there for that length of time?And if so what would the charges be?
I wanted to book the a week parking in advance, but I am not able to find it online, can you help? Thank you.
June 10 arrive at 6 am is there enough space for my car to park so that I dont miss my flight for 8.50...am .. parking for 10 days till June 19 th.
if I arrive @6am is there parking in long term parking for 10 days ... June 10th
will the parking lot be full or is there enough space to park my car for 10 days
wouldn't want to miss my flight..
There are 2 different quotes on your site. One says monthly is $150 and the other says that number requires a 3 month term.
I also tried to book it online but it would not allow it. Is that because of the 1 month option? Can I just use a credit card at the time in your automated service?
Thanks, Sam
ever get a answer to long tern parking question
May I pay for parking using a VISA debit - Interac card?
How much to park for two weeks? $59 x 2 = 118 or $59 +14x7 = 147???
I need parking from Friday 20th till sat.28. Is this long term parking lot ?
We’re leaving on march 11 until march 15, 2019 . How much it cost for the parking ? Pls let me know.