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I need parking from 03 August to 09 August 2020. Please confirm me the process & rates as online I am not able to book the same.
im flying out of YHM june 28th returning july 19th is there a parking pkg to accommodate ,,do I just park and pay when I leave?
Why do you advertise long and short term parking for Hamilton Airport when the rates are not what is actually charged?
I would like Long Term Parking from April 25, 2020 until May 16, 2020. What would my cost be?
Leaving March 6 returning Apr 3, is long term parking available, how much and can I reserve?
This will be my first time flying out of Hamilton. On the parking page I’ve input my arrival time and date and my departure time and date. A message says there is no available parking for the dates I’ve asked for. Is that possible.?
mine says that too
I have getting the same message, I do not want to get to the airport and not be able to park. Can you please tell me if we can reserve parking or if you always have availability?
No worries about parking. I just got back from my vacation and there were plenty of available parking spaces!
For any future travels out of YHM try parking at JVP. Free valet/shuttle and less than a km from the airport!
Thanks I'll look it up!
Where is JVP? What does that stand for?
How do we get to the terminal from the parking lot.......if walking there, how far is the walk, is there covered areas to walk to the terminal?
walk from lot is 3-5 min. no covered areas. lug & passengers can be dropped off first, then swing back around to park.take ticket with you so you have it to pay at indoor kiosks upon arrival.
For any future travels out of YHM try parking at JVP. Free valet/shuttle and less than a km from the airport!
JVP offers free valet/shuttle right to the front entrance so no need for walking!
If I am parking for 20 or 21 days will i be charge the monthy fee or the 7 day max and then 14 dollars a day there after.
At JVP your parking would be $180 plus hst, including shuttle/valet service
Is your Long Term parking area fully covered by recoverable video recordings?
JVP Parking is fenced and 24 hr monitoring
What will it cost me to park for 10 days/nights, starting Dec. 7 5:00 am to Dec. 17, 2019? My plane gets in to YHM at 1:30 am Dec. 17.
What is the 'safety monitoring' for parking there?
How far must I walk from parking to the terminal carrying 2 pieces of luggage?
Thank you!
what is the cost for parking from jan. 15 to jan 26 1.30 am and how far do I have to walk from car to terminal.
JVP pricing would have been approx $110 including drop off and pick up at front entrance