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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport ( HGH ) Terminal Map Information

Hangzhou Xiaoshan  HGH Terminal Map


The Terminal Complex of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport represents two buildings under one roof -  Domestic Terminal B and International Terminal A.  Each has its own security checkpoint.

International Terminal A handles all international flights. It has an Arrivals and a Departures level. It encompasses 96,000 sqm, has two check-in areas with 48 check-in counters,  and can accommodate Airbus A380 arrivals.  Its duty-free shops cover nearly 2,000 sqm.  Its airline gates are on different levels:  gates 11 - 27 are on level 2 &  gates 13 - 15 are on level 1.
    International departures go through quarantine, customs, check-in procedurs, border controls, security check, boarding waiting area & board plane.
    International arrivals complete quarantine & health declaration card; go through passport & visa check; go down stairway to baggage claim on level 1; claim bags (customs may spot-check bags). Proceed to next counter for customs declaration (if applicable); and exit at door 6.

Domestic Terminal B handles all domestic flight. It has three levels (the first of which is used for parking, while the others are for Arrivals & Departures.
    Domestic departures enter Door 1 and proceed straight on to baggage check, security check and on to their gates.
    Domestic arrivals go straight to the baggage claim & exit at door 5.

Transfer Passengers:

    International to International transfers: Both incoming and outgoing international flights are in Terminal A; passengers with a boarding pass simply check overhead screens for their next flight, then proceed to the departure level and their gate waiting area.  Without a boarding pass, they would need to claim bags and re-check them in at the appropriate check-in counter. 
    International to Domestic transfers:  Passengers with boarding passes will go through quarantine, customs & security check, then transfer to Terminal B's boarding area for their connecting flight.  Without a boarding pass for the connecting flight, passenger will need to undergo international arrivals procedure, claim bags, proceed to Terminal B and check in there.
    Domestic to International transfers:  Passengers need at least 90 minutes transfer time.  With both boarding passes, simply check screens for flight & gate number, then proceed to the International Waiting Hall of Terminal A boarding area for your connecting flight. Without the boarding pass, you need to claim your bags and complete international departure procedures before coninuing to your boarding gate area.

Services and amenities
are increasing steadily as the expansion phases allow for more available space. Presently the terminal complex offers fast-food and Chinese food outlets, Information counters, banking, currency exchange & ATMs, first-aid station, Lost & Found, VIP lounge, shops, First-Class lounge, a Transit/Transfer desk; baggage storage; & baggage information.

Telephone numbers for services inside the passenger terminal (preceded by: +86 country code & 571 area code):
Information 8666 2404;
Airline tickets: Domestic 866 8666,
International 8515 2575;
Baggage Information 8666 24119;
Baggage Storage 866 2530;
Easy-Travel VIP Room 8666 2433;
Easy-Travel Sales Office 8506 2233;
Paging 8666 2423.