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Leaving Atlanta to go to Charles DeGaulle airport. How much layover time do I need in Atlanta to get to my gate for the international flight?
This depends on your arrival and departure gates. You can use the Gate Connections Widget at
I am travelling from Buffalo to Sacramento with a layover in Atlanta. Do I have to recheck my baggage in Atlanta, or will it go on without are-check?
Hey,there is free wifi available at atlanta airport.

The whole process of how to connect free wifi at the airport is in the link
Hello, next Tuesday I will be flying from Amsterdam, NL to El Paso, TX with a 5 hour layover in Atlanta. My sister lives in Atlanta and would like to come visit me at the airport. Is this possible? If so, where would I meet her?
Eh, it's not easy, Once you re-check your bags you will have to go through security, then take the Plane Train all the way to the domestic baggage claim station where you can go upstairs and meet her, then you will have to go back through security again and to your departure gate on the Plane Train when you're done.
We are flying in Atlanta Domestic and flying out of International. Where would be the best place to meet a friend who lives in Atlanta for lunch at the airport. We don’t mind going through security...
Hello, I'm going to travel from Guatemala to Paris via ATL. I have a 1.20h layover. I'm afraid this is too short! Then if I do not recheck my baggage and go directly to take my flight to Paris, would it be an issue?
Thanks all!
We are flying to the Bahamas with an overnight layover in ATL. Do you typically collect your baggage and recheck in the AM or is it checked thru to NAS?

Thanks in advance!
Friends are flying through Atlanta, arriving on a domestic flight and departing almost 5 hours later on an international flight. Both flights are with the same carrier. How can I maximize the time we can spend together, but still make sure they get on their international flight without rushing?
They can exit security in the International Terminal and you can meet them there, they need to head back through security around 2 hours before their flight.
Will be flying from Knoxville to Venice soon. Our layover in ATL switched from 2hr 45min to 1hr 10min, after delta changed our first fight. 1hr 10min enough time? Thank you.
-Fist time over seas traveler
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Atlanta on your way to Italy is to take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse (E or F) and board your flight.
Thank you ZAP! I appreciate your information.
We are traveling together, three couples. Flying delta. 45 minute layover to connect to go to Montego Bay? I was careful to allow two hours for our re-entry but didn't think about for our trip there. Thoughts?
Jojo - Did the 45 minutes work for you? We're doing the same flight and am worried the 44 minutes is too short! Also, how was your re-entry? Our layover coming back is 1:42, am now worried this may be too short too! I would appreciate your thoughts.
Coming into ATL from Louisville, then onto San Juan. I will need assistance to get to my gate in ATL. Is 42 minutes cutting it too close?
What kind of assistance you do you need? Wheelchair service? If so contact your airline. 42 minutes is possible.