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We are meeting travelers at the international terminal. Are there waiting areas in the "Arrival Hall" where we can wait to meet the arriving passengers? Are any services available in this area?
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With all of the changes at the airport, where is the recommended place to pickup passengers from the South terminal on Thanksgiving Day? Thanks for your help.
I am traveling to Aruba. I have a layover in Ft. Lauderdale. Which terminal do I go to International or Domestic? My final destination is international, but my first stop is domestic.
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Is a sky cap or porter available to help with excess baggage in baggage claim area? I will need help moving it to the re-check baggage area. I am flying in from an international location.
I have an Air France flight landing in Atlanta at 515 pm. I will have checked baggage. I have a connecting flight on Delta with a 1hour and 40 minute layover.Is there enough time to get the bags, go through customs, recheck the bags and get to my connecting flight ??
Yes, that's enough time if everything goes smoothly but leaves no time to spare. If you miss your connection, Delta flies hourly flights from Atlanta to Orlando.
Where is Southwest baggage claim?
On the North side of the domestic terminal.
My smartphone is connected to ATL Free Wi-Fi no problem, but my PC can't find the network for some reason. It suggests 10 other networks, all secured, but not the airport Wi-Fi. Any ideas why?
Arriving in Atlanta have 40 min to get to whatever gate i would be flying out of to the Bahamas is it enough time. There are no gate assignments yet
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. The Plane Train connects all concourses and gates inside security.