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I have an Air France flight landing in Atlanta at 515 pm. I will have checked baggage. I have a connecting flight on Delta with a 1hour and 40 minute layover.Is there enough time to get the bags, go through customs, recheck the bags and get to my connecting flight ??
Where is Southwest baggage claim?
My smartphone is connected to ATL Free Wi-Fi no problem, but my PC can't find the network for some reason. It suggests 10 other networks, all secured, but not the airport Wi-Fi. Any ideas why?
Arriving in Atlanta have 40 min to get to whatever gate i would be flying out of to the Bahamas is it enough time. There are no gate assignments yet
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. The Plane Train connects all concourses and gates inside security.
I fly into Atlanta airport with Virgin Atlantic from from Manchester airport UK and then to Sarasota / Bradenton airport Florida with Delta airlines. What concourse and gate do Delta use out of Atlanta to Sarasota / Bradenton.
Delta uses every concourse in Atlanta.
fly in from Manchester UK with Virgin and have 2 hours 10 mins to clear immigration and get to my connection with Delta to fly to Sarasota Florida. I only have hand baggage. Is this enough time.
Yes, that should be enough time.
I will be returning from Mexico on Dec 21 and wondering how busy customs and immigration and the airport in general can be because of the Christmas holiday
It shouldn't be too bad. It will probably still be less crowded than an average day during the summer.
I'd like to get to the airport the evening before my flight around 8:30 pm and check one bag. Is it possible to check it the night before? I want to pack a laptop and its charger, and a flashlight with spare battery and a multitool that has a knive blade and a utility knife in the bag. Will they allow all that in checked baggage? I want to check it in the night before if possible in case they have a problem with something so I can take it back to my vehicle.

Also I would like to get my boarding pass and anything else I might need, if there is anything else, the evening before. Is that possible?

Also I would like to take a drone with 2 batteries and a controller and the battery charger as carry on. In a forum I read that we need to discharge the batteries for the drone and controller to less than 50% and tape over the battery terminals then wrap the batteries in plastic...I'm guessing clear plastic so they can see the tape on the terminals. Can anyone tell me if that is the correct way to do it?

Thank you for any help learning this stuff!
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You cannot check a bag the night before. You will have to tape over the terminals on the spare battery but other than that everything you said is fine in checked baggage.

You can check in online 24 hours before your flight.
I dropped off my son at the South Terminal (Delta) well before dawn today and couldn't find my way back to Camp Creek Parkway to I 20 East so ended up 20 miles west and in Atlanta. Is there no signage or do I have to circle around back into the airport to find Camp Creek?
Vacationing in St Thomas for a week and need to know if allowed to take frozen food on plane
How long does it usually take? My connector departs 70 min after my scheduled arrival.