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Where do passangers get picked up for people waiting in the cell lot for passanger arrival?
I am flying international in August 2018. I am using a local airport shuttle service and the service tells me that I will not be able to be dropped off at the international terminal. What will I need to do to get to the international terminal?
What Marta station is closet to Lenox Square - and how close and how long is the trip?
I found the map myself. Buckhead Square Stop is very close.
Actually the Lenox station on the Gold line is literally across the street from Lenox Square.
I want to know how to get from the airport to the Georgia aquarium and back. I'm only visiting for the day, I'm flying in and I don't have a car
Take the MARTA train to the Peachtree Center or Civic Center station and walk.
You can take a car service to and from for a flat competitive rate. Call 404-447-5496 for additional information.
I am looking for a map for the curb area where the hotels pick-up passengers. I know there are many colors like purple and green curb areas. Is there a map that I can download so I know which curve to go on because I am legally blind and I may not be able to read the signs
I'm sure you can request additional assistance from your airline or hotel. If you need a car service to take you to/from please call us at 404-447-5496.
Need bus ride or train
can I take Marta to the Greyhound station in Atlanta? How long does it take? How much walking is invoiced? Thanks!
The Greyhound station is adjacent to the MARTA Garnett station. it takes around 30 minutes to get there from the airport and costs $2.50
Best way to get to Marietta residence from ATL Hartsfield
my daughter arrives in ATL domestic and - on a separate ticket - will fly out of the international terminal. What is the best way to collect her bag and get over to the international terminal? Shuttle? Where is shuttle? Re-enter security with international boarding pass and take plane train?
What airlines is she flying?
How do I get from the international terminal to the domestic terminal at the Atlanta Airport? Plane Train? Shuttle?
You have to be more specific. Are you arriving on an International flight? Connecting to a domestic flight? From Where? To where? Are both flights on Delta?