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I am travelling on Delta from TPA to ATL and then with British Airways to LHR. They are on different tickets so I am assuming I collect my bag from domestic bag reclaim and then transfer to the international terminal? Is this right and will this all be airside? How is the best way to get me and my bags through to the international terminal?
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b29 to a32
How long does it take from B10 to D11
I'll be arriving at ATL via Delta on June 21. My e-ticket (Expedia) plainly states arrival will be at "Terminal S" (that's letter 'S' as in Sam) for a later departure (also Delta, also "terminal S"). These are purely domestic flights. But the Hartsfield maps do not show a terminal S. Can someone please explain what this "terminal S" designation might mean? Thanks!
I have 2 different tickets with 1 checked bag. I fly into domestic terminal and out of international terminal. Will Delta check my bag for Intl flight in South Terminal? If not, what is the best and fastest way to get from North Baggage to Delta Intl Check in. I have
Ask Delta: 800-221-1212 for the latest information. "Latest" is the key word.
Hello everyone,
We’re arriving from Paris and We have a 2h50m transit in Atlanta before our next flight to Orlando.. is it enough time? We’re not us citizens so I know immigration lines will be longer but how long can we expect? We’ll land in Atlanta 1 pm
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How do a travel from Terminal I from Punta Cana Delta 388 to Terminal N American Airlines (ATL - DFW) Jun 1 AA2563.
Arriving Terminal 1 Gate 14 International (no checked bags) need to get to Domestic Terminal South Delta Flight. How long for connecting
I am German and will fly into Atlanta (Terminal I) with a connection to Pittsburgh (from Terminal S). Is 2 h layover enough for the Immigration/Customs and Transfer between the Terminals? Thanks.
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly. After you clear customs, re-check your bags, and go through security then will take the train directly to your departure concourse.