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ATL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Arriving fro Toronto(Term 1) and going to Honolulu,Hawaii(Term S) we have 45 min. need layout so we can run to departure gate
arriving from Toronto (Term 1) and going to Honolulu Hawaii(Term S)
we have 45 min. will we make it and what is the layout to run to gate
I am travelling to the US in June, I know I will have to go through immigration on the way out. Will I have go through the whole process again on the way back from Cancun with a connecting flight in Atlanta, to the UK. I will be classed as in transit. There are 2 hours between the two flights. Can I be fast tracked if I advise a member of security staff or will this be sufficient time. I see both flights arrive and depart from T1. Thanks
As an airline geek, Im curious which gates in the F concourse planes land, and which are used to international departures. I can' t see how people arriving to ATL go to custom inspections in the ATL map.
Will I have time to pick up checked luggage in Atlanta from Los Angeles (American) and check my luggage to catch a flight to Santo Domingo, if I arrive at 0705 and my departure is at 1009?
Is there enough time between a Delta flight coming in from Raleigh, NC to connect with a Delta flight leaving for Saint Lucia. The Delta computer says my layover is ONLY 49 minutes.
We will be connecting through ATL on our way to Antigua (ANU) and have 45 mins between flights. I know that the International Terminal is F, and I "think" we'll most likely land in B. Other than just getting to the train and then to F, will there be other things we'll need to do as this is where we'll be leaving the US? Any other passport control or extra TSA lines into the international terminal? Thanks!!
We are leaving on american airlines on Thursday, November 8, with a lay over in Miami on our way t to Cancun, Mexico. Which terminal do i need to check in at? International terminal or domestic?
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Travelling from Manchester England to Orlando via Atlanta. Virgin Atlantic followed by Delta. Do I need to collect baggage and recheck in and is the flight from Atlanta to Florida then classed as internal ?
I am flying in from New Orleans into Terminal S for Delta arriving at 7:03 pm. I am flying out via Delta at Terminal I at 7:59. Do I have enough time ( 40 minutes to make my connection) for my Flight at 7:59??