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ATL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Hi! Arriving from the UK into Terminal F and departing out of Terminal F to Mexico with a 3 hour turnaround. Both flights on a single ticket. Do we need to leave air-side and go through immigration / customs?
The United States doesn't have transit facilities for passengers making International to International connections, so you will need to clear immigration and customs, then drop your bags for your onward flight to Mexico. This means you need to make sure to meet the entry requirements for the US by applying for an ESTA or whatever applies to your situation. You still have more than enough time to complete this process and get to your departure gate in 3 hours.
Many thanks for your response RPJ...and good to know that we’ll have plenty of time.
Arriving from West Palm Beach to ATL on Delta, then have to take Qatar from ATL to Doha (separate tickets). I will have 1 hour connection. Can I transfer without going through security again at international terminal? No checked bags. Will I be able to get boarding pass for Qatar at their gate?
many thanks
Yes, you can transit to the international terminal without going through security if you use the underground Plane Train. The boarding pass situation would depend on a lot of factors, but I would advise trying to check in online for that flight ahead of time to see if you can print boarding passes at home or wherever you're coming from. If you're unable to complete online check in, because of a need to verify visas or some other factor, the system may not register you as fully checked in, and may not allow you to obtain a pass the gate.
Thank you that was very helpful
We are arriving from MSP 0950 concourse B with a departure from Concourse C to HNL at 1040. My wife will be a wheelchair transport which has been requested from Delta. Will we make it ? We are traveling first class.
You should be able to make this connection.
Hi,I have a flight for today April14,2019 from Guadalajara,Mexico to Atlanta at 13:45 pm to 18:11 and then a real tie connection from Atlanta to San Juan,PR at 18:44 to 22:17. I have 30 minutes to connect do you think I could maked?
I know this may be late, but there is very little chance you could make this connection. You would need to clear customs and immigration, then go to your departure gate before doors close 10 minutes prior to departure. Also, how did you book this ticket? A 33 minute connection is not even allowed on an International to Domestic connection.
I am a US Citizen with Global Entry. My flight arrives on a Sunday from Venice around 3:54 p.m., and departs for STL around 6 p.m. How much time should it take to get through customs and to my domestic gate? Will this be enough time?
You should have plenty of time. It normally takes around 60-90 minutes to go through the whole process and get to your gate, depending on whether you have checked bags etc.
i'm arriving to Concourse E5 need to go to B4 whats the best way to save time
You can take the underground Plane Train as the fastest way between those two gates. There is a station underneath the center of each concourse.
I will arrive at International terminal with 2 checked baggage, may I use the luggage cart on the concourse train so I can go to Domestic terminal to catch the airport shuttle? Thanks!
No, the Plane Train does not allow luggage carts, it is in the secure area of the airport and you would need to clear TSA to access it anyway. The best way to get from the International Terminal to Domestic Terminal is to take the airport operated shuttle bus that runs between the two terminals.
I have an inbound flight from CLT and a departure flight to Dallas Love Field. Would a 39min layover be do able for abut 1pm in the afternoon? I won't have checked bags but I will have 5 people in total travelling.
This would typically be considered a tight connection, and would really only be doable if you sit toward the front of the landing aircraft and speedwalk/run through the airport. ATL is massive, and you can't predict where your inbound or outbound flights will be. If they are in the same concourse, you could easily make it, but if you had to get from T to D, then this would be difficult. Especially since airlines can close boarding doors 10 minutes before departure, and you still have to account for deplaning time, I wouldn't recommend this, especially travelling in a group.
How do I get from MARTA to the International TErminal to check in?
There is a free shuttle bus that takes you from the domestic terminal to the international terminal.
We (Dutch citizens) will arrive from Amsterdam on 28th next and transfer to Nashville by Delta airlines. We have 2,5 hours interlay. Where do we go to make a smooth tansfers within that time frame
You will have to clear customs and immigration along with all international arriving passengers. After that, you should see a place to drop your bags for your connecting flight. Then, you should check the flight status boards to see where your flight to Nashville departs from. You can take the underground Plane Train to the concourse of your departing flight to get there faster than walking.