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my wife is flying in from Tampa on flight 5991 and leaves on flight 212 both Southwest. Can you give me the terminals she needs to go to.
Both gates are on Concourse C. All she has to do is walk from her arrival gate to her departure gate.
I am an Italian National arriving at Atlanta International terminal, then flying on to Tamp Florida. Can you tell me exact steps I will have to go through?
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and take the Plane Train to your departure concourse (likely T, A or B), then walk to your departure gate.
I have to go from terminal s to terminal I but only have 1 hour. Will that be time enough? Do I take a shuttle?
If both flights are on the same reservation you just have to take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to concourse E or F where you depart.
We fly from Jamaica to Brussels with connection in Atlanta. Both flights with Delta.
Do we have to pass security and claim en recheck bagage in Atlanta?
Connection time is 2 hours. Is that enough?
Yes, in Atlanta you will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security but will not have to claim your checked bags.
Thank you for your reply. So I suppose 2 hours time between the two flights will be enough?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hello! We will be traveling tomorrow morning 2/16. Can you tell me what terminal I need to go to after we land? Arriving on Delta flight 2349 at 8:18 am and departing Delta flight 2212 at 8:59. Not familiar with ATL and traveling with small children. Thank you!
You are scheduled to arrive in Concourse C and depart from Concourse D. The Plane Train connects all concourses inside security. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.

I am flying from Barcelona to ATL on a Lufthansa aircraft arriving @ 2:30pm. I then in turn have to connect on a domestic flight on Delta Airlines that is departing @ 4:35 pm. Will this be enough time to go through US Immigration, claim/re-check my bags, and then go through security before getting to my departure concourse? I have a feeling that I might be pushing it pretty close, can you advise?
Lufthansa doesn't fly from Barcelona to Atlanta. Where are you stopping first? That is indeed a very risky connection.
Thanks for your quick reply. I first fly from Barcelona to France on Lufthansa with a layover in Frankfort(FRA). I then depart from France on Lufthansa again @ 10;20 AM and arrive in ATL @ 2:30 pm. I'm just not sure the 2 hour layover is enough time before I leave on my domestic flight on Delta at 4;35pm?
Frankfurt is in Germany, not France. If you are traveling on two separate reservations with checked bags, that is not enough time for your connection.
Sorry about that yes its Germany not France and thanks for your response. Thanks again for the reply and I appreciate your feedback!
We will be reaching Atlanta airport from Delta/AirFrance/KLM from Amsterdam flight.
Then we have a domestic Southwest flight from Atlanta to Kansas City.
The ticket till Atlanta is different and then for Southwest is different.

I know we have to get our checked bags in Atlanta and go through the Customs.
Then there is a baggage drop area but I think that is only for Connecting flights on same ticket. Right?

Now for us After getting bags and going through US Customs, where do I submit checkin bags for southwest domestic flight.
and How much time is enough for Transfer from International to Southwest domestic (Please note again its separate tickets).

Please help and confirm?
You will have to take a shuttle bus to the domestic terminal to re-check your bag with Southwest. I recommend at least 3 hours between flights.
Thanks for your quick response.
Do we need to come outside the exit gate after passing through Customs?
or where do we get Shuttle Bus?
Also do I need to load baggage one by one in Bus or Can I take baggage trolley. Asking this as I will be alone with 3 big bags and 1 little kid.
Yes, you have to get the shuttle bus on the ground transportation level outside the International terminal. You cannot take a luggage cart on the bus.
Is 2 hours 25 mins enough to transfer arrive in domestic from DAB on Delta and transfer to Qatar at International? Thx
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am traveling alone with two young children. We have a 42 minute layover between flights. Is there assistance that can be given to us if we need help getting to our connection?
There is no such assistance. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
We are connecting through Atlanta to Jamaica. Do we go through customs in Atlanta or Jamaica? I know it usually happens when you arrive in the new country, but I recently flew home Vancouver to Toronto to Chicago and went through customs in Toronto, so I wanted to make sure.
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You go through Jamaican Immigration and Customs in Jamaica. On the return you go through US Immigration and Customs in Atlanta (if you connect through Atlanta on the way back).