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Saturday morning January 20th we are flying from West Palm Beach to Detroit with a stop at Atlanta. Does anyone know which terminal/gate the flight from West Palm arriving at 10:55am and which terminal/gate the departing flight is for Detroit at 11:50? The flight times seem really close.
You gates will be available on Delta.com or the Delta app tomorrow. All gates are connected inside security by the Plane Train. Your gates will likely be in concourses T, A, or B. You have enough time.
My wife and I are travelling to St Lucia, with a stop in Atlanta. We change planes going from Concourse B to E. B-3 to E-34. The problem is, if the flight is on time, we only have 50 min. to make the connection and we are both in our 60's. is it enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if the flight is on-time. The Plane Train connects all concourses inside security.
Thanks Zap, I worry about that too.
My 83year old non-English speaking French neighbour is travelling alone from Paris to New Orleans, changing to her Delta connecting flight at Atlanta. Are there any services that could help through passport control to her next flight? If so is there a cost? My thanks!
There is no such service. Lots of French speaking people transit Atlanta, so she shouldn't have much difficulty.
Given the distance from international arrivals to domestic terminal south departure, is there a separate lane through passport/customs for transit passengers? (Still asking for 83 year old non English speaking lady travelling alone)
She doesn't actually go to the domestic terminal. After clearing customs and security in the international terminal she goes straight to her departure concourse and gate on the plane train. 80-90% of arriving passengers are transit passengers, so there is no separate line.
Hi I'm looking to book a flight with virgin from MCO to Manchester(UK) via ATL
This domestic flight is operated by delta but it's saying 41min connection time. Is that enough time to transfer flights for ourselves and our checked bagged?
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly. You just take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to your departure gate in Concourse E or F.
Flying into Atlanta from ft Myers FL then out to London Heathrow what is the process from domestic to international terminals and how much time do I allow with physically impaired guest.
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate on the Plane Train. An hour is enough time. You don't actually change terminals.
Thanks. I did not realize they had linked transport
Do I go to the domestic or international terminal for a connecting flight to Montego Bay
If it's on Delta or a Charter, the International Terminal, if it's on Southwest or any other US Airline and making a stop first, the domestic terminal.
Hola ! Agradecería si me pueden informar si es tiempo suficiente el de mi escala en el Aeropuerto de Atlanta, viajo desde Argentina por Delta , llegó a Atlanta 5.30 AM y mi vuelo a Orlando sale 6.55AM. Tenemos pensado no despachar equipaje para acelerar los tiempos. Aguardo respuesta
That is just enough time for your connection if everything goes smoothly.
Hola ! Agradecería si me pueden informar si es tiempo suficiente el de mi escala en el Aeropuerto de Atlanta, viajo desde Argentina por Delta , llegó a Atlanta 5.30 AM y mi vuelo a Orlando sale 6.55AM. Tenemos pensado no despachar equipaje para acelerar los tiempos. Aguardo respuesta
Hi I would be really grateful for some advice please. My family & I arrive in ATL from London on BA flight , arriving at ATL at 17:40. We have a Spirit Airlines flight (please don't judge me! ) to Orlando that departs ATL at 20:57. We have checked bags to collect from the international flight and then re-checkin for the domestic flight. Do you think that the 2 hours 20 minutes is sufficient transfer time? Does anyone have any advice?Thanks ...Adrian
That's barely enough time. After you clear customs with your bags you will have to take a shuttle bus to the domestic terminal to re-check your bags with Spirit then go through security and take the Plane Train out to concourse D where you depart.
Thanks for the advice and prompt response. I really appreciate it. Do you think I have no chance? How long would this process take on an average day? I’ve been trying to find info on Spirit’s punctuality rate..if BA were on time as spirit were late...is there a chance?
Spirit's on-time performance used to be poor but now it is average (over 80% on-time). Yes, you have a chance as long as everything goes smoothly with the BA flight. No checked bags if you could do it would really help your chances because then you could check-in for the Spirit flight online and go directly to your departure gate after clearing customs and security in the International Terminal.
I really appreciate your advice. I’ve booked a new flight from ATL to MCO for the next day and will nights top in Atlanta. I’ve forfeighted our money on the Spirit flight but decided that it’s not worth taking a chance and putting all the stress on my family. Once again thank you for your help. Adrian
Arriving from Manchester UK and have a connecting flight to Sarasota - the layover time is 2 hrs and I have no check in baggage - is 2 hrs long enough. ?
A little tight. It will depend how long is the Custom and Protections line. Perhaps 30 min, then you need to go again over TSA, another 30 min perhaps.