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I am planning to take a trip to Panama from GSO. I have a connecting flight through Atlanta. How much time do I need to allot between flights if I need mobility assistance. I am unable to walk and need a wheelchair.
I would want at least 90 minutes. You request wheelchair service by calling Delta in case you didn't know.
Thank you Zap
Zap, do I request a wheelchair when I make my reservation?
You either do it online by going into your reservation on Delta.com or just calling Delta after you have made your reservation.
I have a flight from IND to ATL on separate ticket from DELTA DL725 and ATL to Doha through Qatar Airways. I had to book on separate tickets as the cost was cheaper even though I need to pay luggage cost of domestic travel. Can you please let me know how much time it will take to transit from domestic arrival gate from Delta to International Gate for Qatar airways? Also I need to collect luggage at domestic baggage claim and go to Int's terminal. Is there a shuttle or train available and how long it will take to travel? I am planning to have 3.5 hours between domestic arrival and Int'l departure. Will that be suffice with 2 year old kid?
You need at least 3 hours. You will have to go to the domestic terminal, claim your bags, take a shuttle bus to the International Terminal, re-check it with Qatar Airways, and go through security.
I will arrive from bwi at 4:54 pm on a delta flight with a departure from E1 at 5:55. will I have time to make connection
Yes, that is enough time if both flights are on the same reservation. The Plane Train connects all concourses and gates inside security.
Arriving in Atlanta from Phl 8:07. Leaving 9;50 to St Lucia do I have to ? Will it be enough time?go through customs again
There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. You just have to take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to concourse E or F where you depart and board your flight.
I do have a delta coming from Buenos Aires and connecting at Atlanta Int and then a
LA and the lay over is around 1.30hs. Is this enough time to get to my gate To LAX?
That's just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
My girlfriend with a Belorussian passport (no US Visa) only European visa needs to know if its possible to fly to ATL and have no issues on her way to Punta Cana.
No, she absolutely needs to get a US Transit Visa or she won't be allowed to board her flight to Atlanta.
Our delta flight Austin to Atlanta has been rescheduled to leave 15 mins later, meaning we only have 19 mins at Atlanta before boarding starts on our onward flight to London.... is this enough time to get from the domestic to international terminals at Atlanta?
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to concourse E or F where you depart and board your flight.
my husband and I are going to Dublin in about 20 days, we are leaving from ATL connecting in BOS and then onto DUB; which terminal will we be flying out of?

on our way back to the united states are we able to do the preclearance in Dublin, or is that only for non residents (tourists)?
Since your first flight is domestic you go to the domestic terminal.

Everyone goes through Preclearance in Ireland on flights from Dublin and Shannon to the US, regardless of their citizenship or residency.
what terminal in Atlanta is used for Jet blue flights
JetBlue check in desks are on the North side of the Domestic terminal. Their departure gates are in Concourse D.
Hi, I will have a flight from AMS to ATL and the ATL to CUN (cancun) with Delta. I think I need to claim my baggage and drop it off again in the layover. I have 1h. 25 mins of layover. Is it enough time for doing customs? It would be better if i just take a Hand luggage with me?
If I am not wrong, I will have to do all in the same concourse.

That is not realistically enough time as you do have to do all of that. With no checked bags it would be easier but still very difficult.
So, 1 hour and 25 mins is not enough? ... Because initially was 2 hours but the airline just delayed the flight half an hour.
yes, 1 hr 25 minutes is less than the minimum International to International connection time at ATL. Call Delta or whoever you booked your ticket through to get it changed.