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Since the first leg of my trip is to Miami will I depart International or Domestic when flying to Antigua.
You go to the domestic terminal. There is no American Airlines desk in the International Terminal.
Thank you!
A friend of mine who is Brazilian ia pretty anxious about her flight from Rio to Atlanta and then her connection to Orlando. The flight arrives at 6:42 from Rio and the departure to Orlando is at 7:51 Is that enoigh time. Can someone walk me through the.process. How does she claim her baggage and checks it.to Orlando?
She is right to be anxious. That is not enough time unless the flight from Rio arrives quite early. The baggage claim will be right after she goes through US Immigration, then she will go through customs, then re-check her bags with Delta, then go through security and take the Plane Train to her departure gate.
My daughter is enrolling at Layola College in New Orleans. She is flying solo from LHR to Atlanta and then connecting to New Orleans. The transfer time in 3 hours. Is this realistic to manage customs and immigration and still make her connecting flight?
Sorry, it's a Delta flight. Thanks.
Yes, that is enough time.
I am flying nonstop from Atlanta to cancun...do I go to international terminal and do you know which I use E or F? Does international terminal have curb side check in? Thank you
If you are flying Delta you go to the International Terminal. If you are flying Southwest you go to the Domestic Terminal.
I'm flying Delta..do u know which terminal E or F?
E or F are just concourses. You check in at the International Terminal, of which there is only one.
Ok international terminal.but doyou know if it's E or F concourse for flightss to cancun?
Is 1h 48m enough time to arrive from Madrid on Delta, go through immigration and customs and take aanother Delta flight to Miami? Which would be the minimum connection time for that? Thanks
Yes, that is just about enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you!
We are flying from Nassau to ATL on Delta arriving to terminal I and in 51 min. flying Delta from terminal S to LAX. Is 51 minutes enough time for transfer. Thank you
Yes, that is enough time. You just have to go from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse on the Plane Train because you pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Nassau.
Thank you very much for fast response
Will i be able to get to my international flight in time using delta all the way through
I don't know. You didn't post how much time you have.
Hi everyone. I'm arriving in gate B10 and departing from concourse F. Both Delta flights. I only have a 40 mins. layover, which is a 'legal connection' according to Delta. I know it's tight but do you think I can realistically make my connection? Thanks in advance.
Yes, it's possible if the first flight is on-time but leaves no time to spare.
Will be arriving from costa Rica with same day transfer to Rome. Both are Delta flights.

1. I assume bags must go through customs, then be re-checked in. correct?

2. I assume one go through a security check again. Correct?
You are correct with both of your suspicions.
I fly into Atlanta on Southwest and connect to a Delta flight. Will I need to go through security screening?
If you have checked bags you will have to claim them, re-check them with Delta, and go through security. if you don't have checked bags and you check in for your Delta flight online, then you don't have to go through security.