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Is there a new location for the medical clinic? the phone numbers no longer work.
Hi. We are flying Virgin from London Heathrow to Atlanta then on to Fort Myers with Delta. We only have 90 minutes between flights and as we have not flown through a gateway/hub for many years, we are not sure if 90 minutes is enough time. Can anyone advise please? Thank you in advance. Dot
Traveling to Rome tomorrow- Flight arrives at TErminal S, departs Terminal I- but I can't find them on map and only have 45 minutes between flights.
How do I get help with getting to ticket area and departure area
6 of us will be flying to Barcelona on Oct. 16. Two will need wheelchair or some other method to get to the gate. Is wheelchair the only method to get immobile people from the terminal to the gate? Can all 6 of us stay together through the security process? At least two of us have Pre Check.
I need a wheelchair when I fly because of wearing a brace on my knee and a cane. Is there a way to ride MARTA from airport to North Springs with help (wheelchair and cane and luggage)?
You'll need someone to meet you at the airport to help you with your bags. With no bags, MARTA is fully accessible.
I have family at the ATL airport right now coming in from Amsterdam. They have been in customs line for 1 hour and think it will take another 75 minutes. What is up and is this standard? They are US citizens and live here.
My impression is that that is longer than normal. However, this is not the airport's website.
What concourse does Air Choice Fly into?
They use Concourse E but you check in in the Domestic Terminal.
can you tell me how to access a wheelchair at Maynard Jackson International Terminal for me to take my husband to the gate we are flying from. It is hard for him to walk a long distance.
You need to call your airline to request wheelchair service.
I am arriving on a Delta flight from Mexico and department on a Delta flight to South Africa. I believe I have to pick up my checked baggage and walk it through myself. I only have a one hour layover. Is this enough time? Also, I have a letter I need to mail in the US and I don't see any postal service in the international terminal. Any advice?
1 Hour is not enough time for an International to International connection in Atlanta. You'll definitely have to rethink this.
It is actually 1 1/2 hours. If you don't mind my asking, are you a traveler or someone at the airport?
I am a traveler. This is not the airport's website. 1.5 hours is possibly doable. However, I don't think you'll have enough time to stop to mail a letter.