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On the day of my travel, once I get my luggage tagged, where do I leave my luggage for my airline can put it in the plane?
(Spirit Airlines).
Where are Wells Fargo atms?
When I arrive to the Atlanta International Airport do I have a luggage cart close to the parking, outside?
Can I get a baggage cart close to the taxi parking outside the terminal?
How do I know where I should park based on my ticket? I did an expedia deal so I can't figure it out.
Is there a business center on airport where I can print from my email to hardcopy
On july 21, we are travelling from dallas to lagos but connecting in atlanta with only 1 hour layover. We arrive on dl 2445 and leave on dl 54 to lagos. Do we have to pass security and can we make it?
You do not have to go through security. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Arriving at airport, i want to unload baby/stroller/wife curbside. Will cops allow me to get out and help? Then drive to Park-n-Ride with my car and take suitcases myself on shuttle back to terminal.
Where is the best place to do this in baggage pick-up area
As an airline geek, Im curious which gates in the F concourse planes land, and which are used to international departures. I can' t see how people arriving to ATL go to custom inspections in the ATL map.