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I will be arriving tomorrow in ATL on Southwest Airlines flight 323 at 3:25pm and depart on Delta Airlines flight 1933 to Melbourne, Fla. How do I get to the Delta terminal from the Southwest terminal?
Do you have checked bags or not? If you don't have checked bags then you can just take the Plane Train from concourse C where you arrive to your departure concourse as long as you check-in online for your Delta flight.
My husband and I will be taking his last trip to Florida this weekend. He has lung cancer and cannot walk the distance from one terminal to another. How can I get help for him in Atlanta?
Contact your airline to request wheelchair service.
How do I get from gate B-5 to gate A-9 for connecting flight
You take the Plane Train which runs underground to every concourse along the middle. It is well marked by signs.
I will be flying Delta out of ATL to Cabo San Lucas. Do I fly out of domestic or international terminal?
You go to the International Terminal.
Flights from RDU to ATL departing to LIberia Costa Rica are usually how far apart? Planning trip for 2 seniors. One unable to walk very far.
The RDU-ATL flight will probably arrive in Concourse A or B and the flight to Costa Rica will likely depart from Concourse E. All Concourses are connected inside security by the Plane Train, but if they do have trouble walking maybe you should request wheelchair service for them.
Hi there,
Like a dumdum, I left my laptop and tablet in ATL at a security bin on Monday morning Jan 1st while transferring from International to Domestic terminals.

As soon as we were in the air, I filed claims with Delta and WWW.AATC.ORG which seems to be responsible for lost and found at the airport. Both places had immediate auto responses that I filed claims. I filed a couple more times with AATC and tried to call (404) 530-2100 x100 many times but just got the same auto response directing me to file a claim online.

Anything else I should try? Or does someone have experience retrieving an item from AATC to give me hope?

** Has anyone actually gotten anything back from AATC?? Seems like a black hole to me ... I could be wrong but my guess is that there can't be *that* many people leave PINK laptops in international security on Jan. 1 ?


<< (My paltry defense is that I don't usually travel with them and had just arrived from a 16.5 hr flight that started with a 1+ hr on plane delay... Still, as a frequent traveller, I should have known better.)

My amazing luck on this trip lead to a 2 hr ATL delay then sitting in the plane delayed for another 5 hrs and 15 minutes before our take off I realized I had left my electronics.

I asked the Delta flight attendant to help and she wasn't extremely helpful but said the number she called (she didn't say which one) wasn't answering.

She also said that if I left items in International security that they would go to Delta (seems wrong/strange?) and told me to go to to file a claim. >>

(FYI -Sorry! But I wrote too much so moved pertinent info to top but didn't change anything else so the order might seem jumbled)

Thanks in advance for reading and any help!
I am traveling north and have an electric coat with a lithium battery. I know I can’t check it because of the battery, but want to try to carry it on. In the event the TSA won’t allow it, I want to mail it to myself. Is the a post office in the airport? Not a drop box, but one I can mail a package from. A google produces a phone number for one, but it doesn’t work. Thanks.
As far as I know, there is no actual post office location at the airport.
Thanks! You are right as near as I can tell.
I arrive South Terminal - C concourse and have less than an hour to connect to A Concourse. Where do I find the train?
The train station for each concourse is underground at the middle of the concourse. It is well marked.
Thank you very much
I would like to personally assist my dad in the am arriving at 7:26 am from Albany ga. His connection departs at 9:52 to RI

How do I get a Security pass to access the gate ?
You can't.
Alternatively, buy the cheapest ticket you can find out of Atlanta on that day. Try looking at Spirit and Frontier flights.
Is there curbside parking for someone waiting to pickup a passenger?
Yes, all three curbfronts (North and South domestic and International) have passenger pickup areas.