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If we are flying out to international location, can we still go thru security in the domestic terminal or do we have to go thru security in the international terminal?
I fly into Gate B10 and my son flys in at the same time arriving at T4. where is the best place to meet him?
Just wondering (international terminal) where can you buy a SIM card?

I am coming from Tennessee to pick up my son flying Southwest from Tampa 10/6. I can't find directions to the arrival area. Is it off I-85, I-285? Thanks for a quick response.
I will be dropping my elderly parents off at the Atlanta Airport for a flight to Dallas. My Dad needs wheel chair service. They will have two bags to check.
I want to drop them as close to the wheel chair service area as possible so they do not have to walk far and so he does not have to stand for long. Where exactly is wheel chair service located?
Can they check bags at an outside check in counter and will they call for a wheel chair to be brought to the outside counter? If so, how long does it take for a wheel chair to arrive?
Thank you
Where can I park so I can escort my 95 yo Dad to Security? I don't have a handicap parking permit
I left my drivers license at the skycap baggage check in down stairs at the atlanta delta domestic terminal. How would I retrieve my license
Flying to ATL from Singapore arriving 17:00 and connecting to Cancun Mexico at 18:30. Both are Delta flights. Will this be enough time ?
Transferring from Spirit flight to Delta. Have boarding pass for Delta. Do I have to exit and go through security again. Spirit doesn't play well with others so am wondering. No checked bags involved.
No you do not, after arriving, simply head down to the 'Plane Train' and head over to the concourse you need to depart from (in some cases Delta and Spirit operate from the same concourse, it all depends on which concourse the Delta flight will depart from) I have switched from a Frontier Airlines to Delta Air Lines at Atlanta before without issue. There will be a clear marking indicating you are exiting a secure area if for any reason you do wander off lol. Hope this helps and have a pleasant trip! :)
How do I get a wheelchair at the Mart station to get to gate?