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HAV : Flying Cuba with terminal change Aug 20, '16 Comments: 5

Havana Jose Marti Airport Gate Connections

When will flights to Cuba start on AA from CLT? If I fly to Cuba am I allowed to make a connection their?
AA hasn't loaded the flights to Havana yet, I imagine they will in a month or two. No US Airline currently has interline agreements with Cuban domestic airlines, so you would have to make your connection on two separate reservations - be sure to allow several hours in Havana to make the connection.
Ok. So I can make a connection? Because theirs some thing that says you can only travel to Cuba for certain reasons. Will you think they will be loaded by November? When they are could I use miles?
Yes, there will still be travel restrictions. Whether you can take the domestic flight or not depends on whether it's consistent with the reason for your visit to Cuba. They will probably be loaded by November.
Let say I'm going From CLT-HAV-FCO. Can I make a connection in Cuba? Could I use miles on AA?
Considering no Oneworld airline flies HAV-FCO, you wouldn't be able to use miles on that. You could maybe book it with Iberia stopping in Madrid on the way, but that seems like an awfully roundabout way to get from Charlotte to Rome. It's also not clear if Cuba will be issuing transit visas to US citizens.