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Hello. I lost my AirPods in helsinki airport. Most probably at security check desk of terminal 2. The time is around 12:40 on 10-01-2020. If someone find it. Please contact me with email [email protected] thank you!!!
I lost my Ivory-fleeced jacket on 11, November in the security desk, terminal 2 Vannta airport.
The ivory jacket has sky-blue pockets branded by Uniqlo.
There is a couple of gloves in the pocket on Jacket.
it`s not expensive but limited sale item.
Please check carefully :)
Hello, I have lost my checked Burberry scarf in vinyl. My flight is AY041 (17:30, 24, Nov 2019), from Helsinki to Seoul. Perhaps I lost it between Moomin shop and gate 47 at 16:40 to 16:50, 24, Nov 2019. Please find it. Thank you.
Hello, we have lost a small backpack in the flight AY0534 from Rovaniemi to Helsinki . Could say me how to recover it . There is m address on the bag . Thank you very much
Bonjour j'ai perdu au niveau de la Gate 24 un téléphone portable Iphone 5 avec une coque bleu léopard.
Besoin de le retrouver .
Dear Mr. or Mrs.,
yesterday I took flight No. AY 0088 Shanghai to helsinki and noticed at Helsinki Airport the loss of the Lapislazuli stone of one earring. I can send you a picture of the earring and my ticket, if I get your Email adress. Best regards M. Lingens
I lost my phone along with my credentials (drivers licence and Debet card) in a black leather casing with brown interior
Hi. I lost my smartphone. Green color and Xperia by Sony. My flight was AY1764 from Rome to Helsinki. My seat was 11D. Did you find it? Thank you.
What is the lost and found department email?
I lost a bag at security check-in and they found it- but I need to email them to have it shipped to me.
(I cannot find this email address on on your website.)