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my flight was 03,MAR, 2020 ,AY1415 FINNAIR
I lost my wallet
it is celine triomphe wallet
inside the wallet, there are my Korean ID card, two check card (my name) and one credit card(my mother's her ) and some Korean and Euro money and others
Hi, I was in Terminal 2, gate 52 on the 24th of February. I dropped my sim card while I was trying to put it in another phone. The sim card is for my Qatari number. Please let me know if you find it in gate 52. I will reward you. Thank you!
Hello. I lost my AirPods in helsinki airport. Most probably at security check desk of terminal 2. The time is around 12:40 on 10-01-2020. If someone find it. Please contact me with email xuchen.wang@aalto.fi thank you!!!
I lost my Ivory-fleeced jacket on 11, November in the security desk, terminal 2 Vannta airport.
The ivory jacket has sky-blue pockets branded by Uniqlo.
There is a couple of gloves in the pocket on Jacket.
it`s not expensive but limited sale item.
Please check carefully :)
Hello, I have lost my checked Burberry scarf in vinyl. My flight is AY041 (17:30, 24, Nov 2019), from Helsinki to Seoul. Perhaps I lost it between Moomin shop and gate 47 at 16:40 to 16:50, 24, Nov 2019. Please find it. Thank you.
Hello, we have lost a small backpack in the flight AY0534 from Rovaniemi to Helsinki . Could say me how to recover it . There is m address on the bag . Thank you very much
Bonjour j'ai perdu au niveau de la Gate 24 un téléphone portable Iphone 5 avec une coque bleu léopard.
Besoin de le retrouver .
Dear Mr. or Mrs.,
yesterday I took flight No. AY 0088 Shanghai to helsinki and noticed at Helsinki Airport the loss of the Lapislazuli stone of one earring. I can send you a picture of the earring and my ticket, if I get your Email adress. Best regards M. Lingens
I lost my phone along with my credentials (drivers licence and Debet card) in a black leather casing with brown interior
Hi. I lost my smartphone. Green color and Xperia by Sony. My flight was AY1764 from Rome to Helsinki. My seat was 11D. Did you find it? Thank you.