Hiroshima Airport ( HIJ ) Public Transportation

Transportation options from the Airport to your destination:

Hiroshima Electric Railway:  (For more information call the Hiroshima Electric Railway at +81 (0)82 231 5171).
- to Hiroshima Bus Terminal, Hakasuji Sta. via Astramline takes 53 mins;
- to Hiroshima Shinkansen Exit takes 48 mins (tel. 81 082 231 5171).
- To get to the JR Shiraichi Station, take the shuttle bus running every 20 minutes and taking only 15 minutes
The Heiwa Odori (Peace Boulevard) Line from the Airport to Tanaka machi
stops at Nakasuji station, at Hiroshima Bus Center, at Komachi, Fujimi cho and Tanaka machi. 

The new 'Kure-Hiroshima Airport Line'
has increased its bus service. There are now 9 daily roundtrips, now taking only 58 minutes.  Bus stops after the Airport:  Shin-Hiro Station, Aga Station, Hondoon 3 chome, Kure Station & Clayton Bay Hotel.  (For more information call + 81 (0)82 376 6688).

Chugoku Bus & Tomotetsy Railway to JR Fukuyama Station takes 57 mins (tel. +81 (0)84 952 3700 / 848-2211).
Chugoku Bus to Mihara Station takes 38 mins  (tel. 81 084 848 2211)
The Geiyo Bus takes you to (a) Iwakuni Sta. via JR Shiraichi Sta. takes 15 mins; (b) to Fukuyama Sta. via JR Shiraichi Sta., or to Kaitaichi Sta. via Shiraichi Sta. both take15 mins. (tel. +81 (0)82 424-4701

As of April 1, 2016, the Onomichi-Hiroshima Airport Bus is in operation - taking 55 minutes. For more information open: http://www.hij.airport.jp/english/news/img/20160401_onomichi_e01.pdf

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