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Dear Sirs,

I took the flight number VN598 yesterday (18 November) and found my phone lost close to gate number 25 (around 17:00 - 18:00), the mobile model number is MI5 / MI6, black color body with black color pouch. Would you please check for me whether somebody has found this mobile or not. Thank you very much.

My contact phone number is 852 - 3513 8313 / 852 - 9665 8448

Best Regards
Bond Liu

[email protected]

I am being told that I must have 2,500.00 US dollars with me before I can board my flight to the USA
I am told I must have 2,500 US Dollars with me before being allowed to board my flight to the USA
Dear Team
I travelled from HCMC to Schiphol via CI 784 to Taipei and CI 73 to Schiphol Amsterdam on 22-23 July. I may have left my driver licence at the airport or on the plane. Please can you reply to the above e-mail address if you find it. It is a pink plastic UK drivers licence with my name and photograph on it. Thank you
Best wishes
David Goulding