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HKG Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Good Day My name is Miemie Huisamen we will be travelling on Cathay Pacific from Hanoi in Vietam with a 11 hour stop over. Recommend Hop on Hop off of bus details please thx
I arrive at 7.30 terminal 1 and depart 8.20 terminal 2. Is that enough time?
Can we make this flight given only 1 hour from landing to finding our way to departing including going through security? Is there any likely hood that a staff member could be meeting us to get us to our designated gate?
I am flying Cathay Pacific CX0748 from Johannesburg South Africa, arriving Hong Kong 5/3/19 at 07:05 Terminal1. I have a connecting flight with Dragon Air to Hanoi Vietnam KA0297 which leaves at 08:35. Not much time to find the terminal and gate, can you help me?
What gate does this flight typically arrive??
I arrive on HX 0081 from YVR and depart on HX0765. The arrival is 1650 and departure is 1800 What is the time between gates, and do I have to go through security again
Is it quicker/easier to proceed to gate 205 from Terminal One? Although my check-in counter located in Terminal Two but since I will check-in at Hong Kong Station so could I go straight to gate 205 via Terminal one? Thanks
I have 2 separate bookings, arriving from MNL on Cathay Pacific and departing for SFO on United. How many hours should I allot?
which airline is closer to HX HongKong Airline gates? Cebu pacific (5J) or Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)? Are all these three airlines located in Terminal 1?
is it possible that I will not miss my connecting flight going to MNL it is only 55 min.connecting time.my flight is AMS 12:45 CX270 arrive at HKG 6:55 +1 then my connecting flight is CX907 07:50 HKG to MNL.
That's enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.