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HKG Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What gate does this flight typically arrive??
I arrive on HX 0081 from YVR and depart on HX0765. The arrival is 1650 and departure is 1800 What is the time between gates, and do I have to go through security again
Is it quicker/easier to proceed to gate 205 from Terminal One? Although my check-in counter located in Terminal Two but since I will check-in at Hong Kong Station so could I go straight to gate 205 via Terminal one? Thanks
I have 2 separate bookings, arriving from MNL on Cathay Pacific and departing for SFO on United. How many hours should I allot?
which airline is closer to HX HongKong Airline gates? Cebu pacific (5J) or Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)? Are all these three airlines located in Terminal 1?
I have a question does Cathay issue my connecting flight from HKG to SGN with Vietnam Airline...I will by flying Cathay from JFK to HKG and connecting to SGN from HKG but since it's not the same airline they required me check out and check back in again? Since Vietnam airline is operated by Cathay will they be able to issue my tix to SGN? Thank you!
is it possible that I will not miss my connecting flight going to MNL it is only 55 min.connecting time.my flight is AMS 12:45 CX270 arrive at HKG 6:55 +1 then my connecting flight is CX907 07:50 HKG to MNL.
That's enough time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Am arriving with my 9 month old baby at 20:15 CX 918 and have only one hour to connect for my flight to Sydney on CX 161. can I book a electronic buggy and will they be at gate when I arrive
I'm taking Cathay Pacific through HKG then Dragonair to KHH. Will I need to collect my bags in HKG? Is a one hour layover enough? I don't know the language so am nervous about flying alone.
Are both flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations? Pretty much everyone who works at the Hong Kong airport speaks English and all the signs are in English.
They are the same reservation.
I'm arriving on AA 137 from DFW, and connecting to CX 913 to MNL. Do I have to change terminals?