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HNL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying from Kauai to Honolulu airport arrival time 9:21 am leaving on a Alaska fight to Seattle was at 11:40 am and it was changed to 10:40 am will I have enough time to make it to the Alaska Gates, I will be transported by wheelchair. between the gates.
Thank you
I arrive on a domestic Hawaiian flight and leave on an international Hawaiin flight with 50 minutes between, do I have to go out and through TSA between flights? Is there a transit area to stay inside security?
I am arriving at 2:10pm on AA to HNL. Do I have enough time to make a Southwest flight at 3:25pm? The next flight is 7pm.
I already have a flight booked to Honolulu on Southwest airlines. I now need to book an inter-island flight from Honolulu to Lihue on Hawaiian airlines. How much time should I allow to get from one terminal to the next? I will have checked bags for both flights.
Coming back from KOA flying Hawaiian Air and will have to collect luggage (2 50 lb bags) and transfer to American for flight back to mainland. What is the best way to do it? Will have 3.5 hrs but in my 60's so not in the best physical condition.
We're arriving on Hawaiian from SFO, then connecting on JAL to Haneda - 2 separate intineraries.
Do we need to pick up baggage and then go thru TSA check again to connect? Is 2 hours layover enough time? (traveling with 4 kids ages 9-12)
Where is terminal z?
There is no Terminal Z. There is a main terminal, which you use if you are flying outside Hawaii, there is an interisland terminal, which you use if you are flying Hawaiian between islands, and a commuter terminal, if you are flying a small airline like Mokulele.
Where do I catch the shuttle to go from Delta to Hawaiian Air Lines
Where is it?
That means main terminal I believe.
Will be arriving to gate 14 around 11am and have a Mokulele (Commuter terminal) flight at 1205pm. I'm carrying on my luggage. Do you think that will be enough time?
You take a shuttle bus from the commuter terminal to the main terminal. You have just enough time.