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My car is stuck in long term parking at have due to the virus and state restrictions is HSV making any accommodations for this?
I noticed parking on levels 2-5 is a better rate/day.
How is this noted for calculation purposes?
Does the entry ticket have something in it that knows when you go to different levels?
I forgot to hang my handicap decal on my mirror in the car? Is there a number I can call in security or transportation? I parked on level 2.
How can I get a copy of a receipt for parking? I have lost the receipt I was given at the gate and need it for my expense report.
Can you pay with Apple pay
how much does it cost to park a car at the airport for 4 days?
Can you use a credit card for long term economy parking?
Is there a shuttle to check in from economy parking?
I need a map of the economy lot
The Huntsville Airport isn't that big. It will be hard to miss.
My wife and I plan to depart from Hsv.on june 11for a 4 day trip to a cancer treatment center in Chicago what should we expect to pay to park for 4 days?. I do have a handicap plackard