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SEA : Flight in from Vancouver, connecting to virgin to UK Yesterday Comments: 0

Seattle Tacoma Airport Gate Connections

I am concerned about my booking and timing. My delta flight from Vancouver is going me 56 minutes to connect with my UK flight with Virgin Atlantic. If we have to clear security again on arrival I fear this will not be long enough. However if we dont have to do security again, it will be OK

SFO : Gate 77 to gate 67... Aug 14, '19 Comments: 0

San Francisco Airport Gate Connections

I have 35 min from arrival to departure. Arrives at gate 77 then leaving gate 67, both in terminal 3, both United. Do u think I will make it?

DFW : D38 to A34 connecting flight help Aug 14, '19 Comments: 0

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Gate Connections

arrivie SFO gate D38 1:38pm connecting to Munich gate A34 at 3:07pm. Do I go through security again at A terminal and if so, am I going to have enough time? Traveling with my mother who has a bad back and two kids 7 and 9.
Any advice is appreciated.

PDX : Terminal/Gate locations in airport Aug 12, '19 Comments: 0

Portland Airport Traveler Help

We are flying into Portland tomorrow on Alaska Airlines, from Sacramento. We have a 3-hour layover and are trying to meet up with my nephew who lives in Portland. I am trying to find out which terminal/gate we fly into and which one we will fly out of - heading to Frankfurt, Germany.

Helpers at LAX Airport for moving the lugage out Aug 11, '19 Comments: 0

Airport Airlines & Baggage

My wife is travelling with two kids and having 6 suit cases. I was bit worry that she cant handle the Baggage with Kids. Is there any helpers available in the LAX airport to move the luggage out from Baggage claim to exit gates. Please let me know if we can opt the services in the airport ??

ICN : 1 hour to transfer planes Aug 09, '19 Comments: 0

Incheon Airport Gate Connections

Is one hour enough time to depart from a flight operated by Korean Air (Delta 9048) and make Delta 170. How long to go through any checkpoints. If I miss the flight, what are my options.

ATL : Connecting on domestic flight Aug 06, '19 Comments: 0

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport Gate Connections

Hi please can you help me regards to our connection flight when we arrive fr Atlanta to MCO. When we arrive we connect with Delta to MCO how far do we have to walk to catch flight with Delta to MCO How far to walk to train

IAD : Transfer times in IAD Aug 05, '19 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Gate Connections

I will be arriving from Sao Paulo and transfer in IAD to a flight to Montreal, Canada. Both flights are with United. Questions: Do I have to change terminals and do I have to go through US customs. Additional how much time do I need to transfer

MCI : shuttle bus access Aug 02, '19 Comments: 0

Kansas City Airport Parking

Since neither phone number provided to call for a shuttle bus during the middle of the night actually reaches anyone, how are patrons supposed to make contact with the shuttle service after hours? If I hadn't had the customer service number, we would have been stranded!

DEN : United Express to Delta connection Jul 31, '19 Comments: 1

Denver Airport Gate Connections

How long will it take me to get from the United Express Baggage Claim to the Delta Terminal for International flights?
Denver only has one terminal and Delta has no International flights from Denver.