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On the map, I see Terminal A and B. Then I see Airsides 1,2,3,4.

Frontier is listed in Airside A. Where is that? The jargon is confusing as it does not match up with the map.
What airport?
I was looking at the Orlando airport map
A and B are just two sides of the terminal building where there are two separate distinct check-in areas. After you check in you go upstairs and take a train to your airside and through security.
Is 40 minutes enough time to ole time my luggage from baggage claim then re tag and get to the gate for another flight ?
Absolutely not.
I was on a flight from Moscow to JFK Thursday. Diverted to Washington bc if the storm chaos. Sent from washington to JFK on shuttle WITHOUT my luggage. Now no one is picking up the phones at the airports, no answers. I have a relative that works there that scanned my baggage stubs and in the system it shows my bags were already claimed. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! What do I do at this point. How can they give me stuff to just anyone. What is the system of returning and claiming items. Dont they check ID?
This is I'm sorry about your situation, but nobody can help you here. It's possible that "already claimed" means it was handed over to a delivery company.
Are there Baggage Carts in the Car Rental Area?
What airport?
If I never received my luggage on my trip because I’m being told it never left jfk due to the back up of luggage’s at jfk from the snow storm.. and I return back home to JFK from visiting Paris (cdg airport), are they going to allow me to pick up my luggage upon arrival at jfk? Or will they still send to Paris (cdg) even though I’m not there anymore?
You'll have to see if they still have it and they know where it is when you get back. You didn't even post what airline you're flying, so nobody here can help you much.
Anyone get their luggage flying To CDG Norwegian airlines flight DY7020 that was supposed to leave jan 5,2017 10:30 pm but delayed 6 hrs leaving on January 6th 4:30am? My fiancé and I haven’t received our luggage yet and was wondering if anyone from our flight received theirs?
Last week, I did Moscow New York and we had to stop at Dulles Washington. We had to take the bus to NY and once arrived to JFK, we filled up a paper to get our bags shipped to us. I ve been trying to call for days but nobody picks up! Any answers please???
You just have to keep calling. This is - nobody here can help you. Obviously Aeroflot has a lot of bags they have to deal with
Hey I was on same flight. Same situation just got my luggage Today. They sent it to the following address: Cargo Service Road Jmaica NY 11430 building number 87.
Thank you SK :) I got mine today as well at the same address!

Hi .May I ask which terminal United airline in FAI airport and ORD airport.thank you very much.
Fairbanks only has one Terminal. United uses Terminal 1 in Chicago.
My son arrived at Terminal 4 yesterday 1/7 during water main break. He had to go on to catch his next flight (we live in Ohio). He was given a phone number to call about his luggage. The airline said it was an airport issue & wont ship luggage. Any suggestions about what to do?
Call back today. They're wrong.
Hi. My booking nr is Q7SOM4. I want to purchase one extra 23 kg bag for HCMC to Stockholm. When I asked at KLM counter in Stockholm Arlanda, KLM clerk told me that I could book that extra 23 kg bag online before flying back from HCMC Vietnam. However, now KLM web page informs that no online booking for extra baggage can be done for flights from HCMC Vietnam. Can you now please inform me about my fee for one extra 23 kg bag? As I understand, the fee for online booking is EUR 55. Given the circumstances described, I think it's fair that I purchase one extra 23 kg bag for EUR 55, even though I can't do it online as KLM promised before. Can you therefore please confirm EUR 55?
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Mr. Jonas Petter Eklund
This is not KLM's website. You need to call KLM. This is