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What airport?
John f Kennedy airport, New York
You have to leave security to do so but they are connected one stop apart by the AirTrain.
Thank you!
What if I have misplaced my parking ticket?

What is the bank name of the ATM near the information desk at the exit of the main terminal? There is also a change office by Bank Hapoalim there. So it's the information desk, then the Bank Hapoalim, and two atm machines (one is Hapoalim's and the other one is green)
I need the name of the green one. Thank you!
You didn't post what airport you're asking about.
Oh sorry about that, it's Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport
I am travelling from Saskatoon via YYZ to Athens in July. I have a 1 hour 18 minute layover in Toronto. Will this be enough time for me to pre=clear customs? Will I need to re-check my bag? I am flying with Air Canada.
There is no preclearance in Toronto if you are flying nonstop from Toronto to Athens. All you do on your way to Athens is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Can I mail a letter at YYC airport terminal
pay by card or cash ??
sky cap fee or usual tip
What airport?
I'm meeting someone from Manchester UK arriving on VS75 tomorrow, Feb 28th. Where do I meet him, at baggage claim exit ?
I will be coming in from Ecuador from the US. Do I need to have this vaccination for Lima?
Yellow fever vaccination is suggested but not required to visitors of Ecuador and Peru.
Need to do some work while waiting
What airport?
I want to know the latest check in time in Pulkovo. Because of a car accident on the highway to the airport I was delayed, but arrived the SAS counter 45 minutes before departure for Stockholm. Even there were people there, they couldn't help me and asked me to go to the ticket office of SAS att Pulkovo. There were of course none there......