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how do I get from the rental cars Transit Center to Terminal B?
The airport foreign exchange services offer very poor rates. Where someone who comes from Europe can go in the airport or nearby to exchange euros to dollars ? Any Bank at or near airport that does foreign currency exchanges ?
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Hello Mr/Ms
I have a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kabul Afghanistan, I would have two stops on my way one in Bangkok for 7 hours then in Gandi India Airport for 2 hours, do I need transit Visa or no?
I arrive at EWR at 4.50pm and need to catch an Amtrak train to DC by 6.50pm. Is there enough time to make connection? I know there is about 2 hrs in between connection but is this enough time through customs and getting to train station at EWR?
lost C-Pap in gray bag!!!! left in shuttle first run from port everglade!!! van was newer shiny blake had Gator wordage in mail box stickers black and gold!!!!! cant find number for service
emil to lost and found in Suvanaburmi Airport
Flying out Saturday at 7:00a . What time should we arrive at airport to check in ?
Where do Frontier flights from Cancun arrive and where is the closest short-term parking to meet my passenger?