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Can a person using oxygen 24/7 voy allegaint
Oxygen generators can be used and must stay with the passenger, not be checked.
What location do I get dropped off to get on Spirit Airlines? I’m flying on January 18th. Do I need to arrive an hour early?
What airport? You should arrive at least an hour early for all flights.
Orlando, Florida
I'm flying from Atlanta to Aruba on Delta. Do I need to check in at the regular Delta terminal or at the international terminal?
You check in at the International Terminal.
Is there anyway I could call to get it back. It's a black and grey jacket I left in room 2103 of the copthorne hotel when came there between December 8th to 10th
Is there anywhere to store luggage at the airport?
No, there isn't. Also, LGA is a mess right now due to construction.
My daughter is flying out of terminal 1 at SLC and I am flying out of terminal 2. She is traveling with a baby. Will I be able to help her with her bags, stroller etc and then walk to terminal 2 to check in with my bag?
Is 48 minutes enogh to change fly in Charlotte, both planes are american airlines so they should be able to book the luggage all the way from Fort Luaderdale.?
Yes, your bags will be transferred for you. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Does wind chill effect a planes ability to take off and land? I'm talking -25°F.
No, it does not. When the plane is flying at altitude it is flying at hundreds of miles per hour in subzero temperatures. -25F windchill is nothing.
Thank you for your response! We are getting ready for a cold snap, the coldest in a while. Of course, we have travel plans....
Does wind chill effect a planes ability to take off and land? I'm talking -25°F.
I am flying with Air Canada from London YXU to Toronto YYZ Jan. 4th early flight but only have 70 minutes to get connecting flight with Air Canada to Denver DEN. Will I have enough time to make my connection? What do I do when I arrive in Toronto and where do I go to clear security and US customs?
Yes, in Toronto you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs. You should have enough time. When you get to Toronto just follow signs to your departure gate and/or US Departures.