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Your information about Phoenix airport doesn't show terminal 1 but tells me
that Southwest flies to that terminal
You have it wrong - Southwest uses Terminal 4 in Phoenix.
My son is 16 and will need to transfer planes . He's familer with airports an plane changes . How old do you have to be to travel ?
A 16 year old can travel as a regular passenger. Note that Frontier flights are often late and usually full, so if he misses his connection he could potentially be stuck in Denver for days unless you purchase him a ticket on another airline -
Are there certain wind speeds that will cause JIA to shut down, with hurricaine Irma possibly coming through?
What is "JIA"?
Jacksonville International Airport
Flights will be cancelled if workers can't safely get to or from the airport. I Imagine all flights will be cancelled on Sunday and Monday and possibly Tuesday.
what terminal does South West land at?
What airport?
please let me know what I can do to find it. Last place we had it is before we boarded at gate A12 Emirates flight ek 209 on 09-03-2017 at 17:30 arriving to NY EWR. please help, this was lost yesterday.
The "free" internet sucks, or more specifically, doesn't allow user login. Come on Detroit, get a geek to fix the glitch.
This is not any airport's website.
I arrive on September 4 Delta 160 at 8:30 AM and depart KLM 956 at 9:35 AM. Where is the connecting gate with respect to the arrive gate.
Gates in Amsterdam are common use. So you don't know your gates until you get there.
I am arriving on a Southwest plane and have to meet my brother who is arriving 2 hours later on a United flight. Can I walk from the Southwest concourse to the United concourse, how long would it take, and where is a good location to meet? I will be picking up my suitcase in baggage claim but he will not be checking one.
BWI Airport for my previous message
They are not connected inside security. You will have to meet in the baggage claim.
Terminal C quick/pet safe where is it
What airport and airline?
What is the usual waiting time to collect baggage from the carousel at Halifax Inter, Airport and get to the airport shuttle?
This would be for an Air Canada flight coming in from Toronto in mid Sept