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I am arriving on a Southwest plane and have to meet my brother who is arriving 2 hours later on a United flight. Can I walk from the Southwest concourse to the United concourse, how long would it take, and where is a good location to meet? I will be picking up my suitcase in baggage claim but he will not be checking one.
BWI Airport for my previous message
They are not connected inside security. You will have to meet in the baggage claim.
Terminal C quick/pet safe where is it
What airport and airline?
What is the usual waiting time to collect baggage from the carousel at Halifax Inter, Airport and get to the airport shuttle?
This would be for an Air Canada flight coming in from Toronto in mid Sept
I left my iPhone in the tray at the security screening in Terminal 2 yesterday, August 26, as I was getting ready for my United Airlines Flight 890 from Shanghai to San Francisco. The flight left at 12:30am August 27.
The iPhone is “pink” with a “pink” border case. Can you please let me know whether security turned my phone to lost and found and help me make arrangements to sent to my home in California?
My friend is flying in from Toronto, is that International or Domestic? Another flying in to Domestic, from Iowa. How do you get from Domestic terminal to international
What airport are they flying into?
Can one walk with baggage from greyhound drop off 960 airport blvd to terminal
What airport?
It was Atlanta. But we figured it out.
Does medication have to be in it's original pill bottle or can it be in a daily pill organizer
On domestic flights you can carry it however you want - TSA are not drug police and there is no law requiring you carry your prescriptions in the original bottle. For international flights it makes it much easier if you carry the original bottles.
I just booked two seats on your airline and was wondering how I book my seat assignment
This is not any airline's website. This is
I need my bag from a August 7th Fronteir flight that came in two days ago from LAX, will you deliver it? And what is your phone number to baggage claim " Frontier" ?
You need to contact Frontier. This is not any airline or airport's website.
Is it possible to buy stamps and send letters from gardemoen airport