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Can I fly my quiet 8 week old puppy from Palm Springs in a carrier that fits underneath my seat?
You need to contact your airline.
I'm flying from ATL to France, with a connection and plane change in AMS. Will I go through customs in AMS, or France? And will our bags be checked all the way through to France?
You will go through Schengen Entry Passport control in Amsterdam. You will not have to claim your bags in Amsterdam if everything is on the same reservation.
I will be transiting through Miami (from London) North Terminal en route to Quito and need to know whether there are ATMs where I can withdraw dollars within the transit zone - I assume yes but positive confirmation would be much appreciated.
There is no "Transit Zone" at US Airports. You will have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security and be in both the regular non-secure and secure areas of the airport.
No info available for the estimated tsa wait time... can any one comment?
The tsa question is for phl
Can I take my dog to airport to pick up my sons ?
It would only be for a very short time
Yes, dogs are allowed in airport lobbies.
Hi! I'm sure this has been asked many a times, but I couldn't find an answer (or I didn't go far back enough). I'm (potentially, waiting to book my ticket) flying into DFW from Japan (OKA-NRT-DFW-VPS). How long of layover is recommended--this is to cover deboarding my incoming, getting baggage, to clear customs, recheck luggage then go back thru TSA to my terminal to make my final connection? Thanks!
I would recommend at least 2 hours in DFW.
I will be flying with TUI airlines in July, from Miami to Amsterdam. At which concourse or terminal will Tui flights be parking at. This information will help me tell my friends who will be picking me up.
Amsterdam only has one terminal.
I know Schiphol only has one terminal.... What concourse or what hall does it land and park at?
Gates in Amsterdam are common use. it could arrive at any Non-Schengen gate.
Please provide phone number for united cargo pick up of puppy being shipped.
I am trying to see where Cloak Room is there .("airport connect building (Metro Station) in Terminal-3") on the map . Pls help
What airport?
I lost my cell phone in Newark Terminal C a couple of days ago (a long story!). I've emailed the lost and found custodian twice but with no reply. Is there a number I can call? Better yet, is there an office I can go to to ask about it?