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Am I allowed to accompany my son to the departure gate and stay with him until his flight leaves.
Is there any way to get a gate pass in order to meet someone getting off of plane?
Unless you are meeting your child, no.
What number post for drive-by pick up for person returning from the US to A/C terminal 1
What airport?
Toronto Pearson Terminal 1
directions to small pakage drop off
What airline? What airport?
Where do I pick up a puppy arriving from Kansas City, Kansas. Location and map please?
What airline is it flying on? What airport are you picking it up at?
My cats are flying with me from central America into Houston International. And then I have a connection onto another US city. I have my cat's record of rabies shots. Do i need to allow extra time for my cats to be examined or will i be able to just go to my next terminal for my connecting flight?
There will be some time that will need to be taken for your cats to be cleared into the country in Houston.
Have you experienced this yourself? And if so how much time did it take for the cats to be examined?
Can I
pick up my luggage and go back upstairs to wait for friend?
What airport?
I took the Vistara flight UK930 from gate 87 at terminal 2 this morning from Mumbai to Delhi.. Flt departure time - 7.30am.
I have left a white box of silver jewellery either at the charging station or at the security check. Who can I contact at Terminal 2 for a lost and found enquiry.
Namrata Nandan
1. I am an indian citizen flying to Dubai to pick up someone from the airport itself and flying back the same day within 24 hrs will I need a visa for dubai.
2. IF I FLY FROM Boston to Dubai and fly back to new york from there within 24 hours will I have to clear immigration or just the security check to board my connecting flight from Dubai to new york.
Unless the person can meet you inside the transit area. You will need a visa.
How do you get on one of those little open shuttles inside the terminal to go between gates?
Request wheelchair assistance. They are for the disabled, not just people in a hurry.